I Didn’t Write for Almost a Month, This Is How I Felt

I adore writing and I have ever since I was a little girl. I was unstoppable with pen and paper. There has hardly been a time in my life when I didn’t write. As a child, I used to create books on my own for fun using construction paper. I would come up with stories and images for my books.

When I got into high school and college, my friends would complain about having to write a paper, but I loved it because I loved to write, and I didn’t care what it was about. I just loved to create art with words.

My Blog

A few years ago, I started a blog to continue my love of writing. I have taken a break here and there and I have also done writing on my own that was meant for just me and not to be shared. My most recent break was just within this last month; I didn’t write at all. I felt so many emotions.

Writing is a part of my soul and I feel lost without it. Sometimes I may not have the mental energy to produce any content, but for the most part, being able to write releases so many emotions within me, it clears my mind and makes me feel more at peace.


During my break, I noticed that I was feeling more emotional. I was also feeling more depressed, and anxious, and I felt very unsettled. I felt this sort of restless energy that wouldn’t go away. I could chalk these feelings up to my current life circumstances, but I think that some of it also has to do with not having an outlet to let my thoughts go. Sure, talking to loved ones helps a lot, but writing helps on a very different level.

Writing is truly therapeutic, and it makes me feel lighter. Of course, when one doesn’t have much mental energy left, it can be very difficult, but overall, writing is like lifting a weight off of my chest. It is just a beautiful process, and it is amazing what one can come up with as they pour out words from their mind and heart.

One thing is for certain, when you remove something that you love and you miss it with your whole heart, you know that you have found something that is part of you! I need to write, I long to write, I am not myself when I am not writing.

This beautiful form of expression holds so much value in my life, it has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl. Breaks are absolutely necessary now and then and so is getting back to something that sets your heart and soul on fire!


Which Writing Season Are You In?

As writers, we all go through different seasons. There are times when we have so much to say and times when we stare blankly at a screen. We have moments when we want to shout our stories from the rooftops to help and inspire others and times when we turn inward and withdraw.

As with many things in life, writers go through seasons. Sometimes certain seasons last longer than others and sometimes we bounce back very quickly.


I have noticed that life circumstances have the greatest impact on me when it comes to which season of writing that I am in. What is happening in my life, my mental state, and the amount of sleep that I get are just some of the things that keep me going or stop me as a writer.

It can be very difficult to not let life affect our writing. Sometimes it feels easier to shut the computer down and not look back for several months. Sometimes it’s easier to start a story but leave it as a draft. On the contrary, we may be bursting with ideas and in a great writing flow!


As I reflect on my season of writing, I notice a few things. I am currently in a season of persistencebut not at full capacity. Several years ago, I had all of the time in the world to write. I never had to worry about time management in regard to writing, except for when I was at work during the day. Today, I am a busy mom of very young children, and finding time to write or do anything for myself for that matter is extremely challenging.

I know there will be a day when they are all in school and I will have more time to dedicate to writing, however, in my current season, I am juggling writing and taking care of my dear kids. I devote as much time to writing as I possibly can. I usually write early in the morning before my kids get up and also at night after I put them to bed. This observation is not all that I have noticed about my current writing season.

The last few years have been quite a journey for me, I have faced numerous challenges, joys, and surprises. Life ebbs and flows. I am very sensitive to change and stress, so my mental state fluctuates with whatever is going on in my life. When too many unfortunate things happen at once, I get very overwhelmed, and I shut down. 

It’s times like these that I have to really push myself to keep writing content instead of going into hibernation mode. A break is great every now and then, but balance is key. Most days I cannot wait to share and write, I want my work to hopefully impact at least one person positively. I want to make a difference in this world.

Question For You

I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on where you are as a writer and how far you have come. Which season are you currently in? Are you fearlessly getting content out as fast as possible, taking a break to see where life takes you, or are you possibly somewhere in between?

It’s important to note that just because we are in a current season, does not mean that we are stuck there. We go through many different paths as writers, and they all help us grow and blossom!

Writing Rut? I Hope This Helps

When I first started blogging, I wondered how in the world I would come up with enough topics to write about. I remember thinking to myself that if I had kept going for years, wouldn’t I run out of things to say?

I have been blogging on WordPress for four years and on Medium for only six months. In those four years on WordPress, I have experienced writer’s block a few times. I had to take a break from WordPress for several months a while ago after some things happened in my life. After this, I then vowed to keep going strong no matter what life threw at me and I have ever since!

My Thoughts 

Usually, I have so many thoughts and ideas that I can’t get them down fast enough. I typically write down a title and a brief description so that I don’t forget what I wanted to say. I then attach a picture and save this in my drafts.

There are times, however, when my mind is blank, and I cannot come up with anything to write about. Often this happens when I am tired or very stressed out. If I am experiencing a lot of anxiety or I am not in a great mood, that truly affects how clear my mind is and it can make writing very difficult. There are several things that I do to get my thoughts flowing again. Here are some ways that I get ideas for my next blog posts!

Coming Up with Ideas

  • Think of past life experiences
  •  Write about your thoughts and feelings
  •  Ponder over questions that you have about life
  •  Sit in nature and let creativity find you
  •  Be inspired by comments that others are sharing
  •  Reading other stories often trigger a story idea of your own
  •  Write about daily happenings in your life
  •  What can you teach the world?
  •  Let us hear about an interesting or odd experience

Get Started!

Most importantly get started! Pick up a pen or get out your laptop and let your mind wander and take you somewhere. If all else fails, if you have older work that you haven’t published for the world to see, you can get that out in the open. You never know who might be needing to see your story!

I truly hope that you have found at least one of these tips helpful! As writers, we go through many seasons, some full of thoughts and others where we become quieter and more introspective. It’s important to listen to our bodies, but also know when to keep following our passion. An idea will come to you sooner or later and you will be on your way again!

My Heart Belongs to a Keyboard

There are few things in life that capture our hearts and souls. They end up becoming part of us and we cannot imagine our life without them.

As we grow, we may change our passion and hobbies, but the tried and true will always remain.

Younger Years

I remember being in school as a young girl and my teacher would give us a certain amount of time to write a story on anything that we wanted. I remember how magical it felt to pick up a pencil and put it on paper. When the teacher told the class that time was up for the assignment, I remember always feeling like I wasn’t done. I wanted to write forever.

My love of writing remained outside of the classroom as well. As children, my sister and I created books in which we would take computer paper, staple it together, and write a storybook. Our imaginations went wild.

When I got a little bit older and even into my preteen and early teenage years, I began to journal and keep a diary. I remember the feeling of hardly being able to wait to write in my diary every night. I was excited to write about my day and express myself. I loved the way my pen would glide across the page.


I used to handwrite all of my stories as a draft first before typing them, but over time, I chose to go straight to my laptop to create my work.

Writing in general has me falling in love every day, no matter how it is created, whether it be via pen and paper, or laptop, it is all works of art and it is a beautiful process. I have come to love the way typing on a keyboard feels.

Blissful Experience

With my fingers placed on the keys, the keyboard is mine. I can then enter my thoughts and feelings and begin to express myself. The keyboard lets me be myself and I become one with the keys.

Just picturing the feeling of my fingers dancing around the keyboard is enough to bring me great joy. I can’t wait to create and see what my fingers will come up with next. The sound of the keys clicking means thoughts are flowing. It’s all an amazing experience!

My heart belongs to a keyboard and when I am not writing, I feel lost. I wait for the next free moment to feel the natural high. I love and miss the keys. They are part of me, just as writing is.

The whole world is open to me, even one that exists only in my mind and on my screen.

The whole world is literally at my fingertips!

Five 10-word Christmas Stories

This writing prompt caught my eye! What a perfect way to create a little holiday magic as we approach Christmas Eve.

The idea behind this prompt is to create five short stories using only ten words. In this case, they are holiday related!

My Stories

  1. A snow blanket covers the ground as twinkling lights surround.
  2. Gingerbread cookies bake as the smell permeates the cozy house.
  3. Christmas brings wrapped gifts and beautiful ones that cannot be.
  4. A Christmas tree stands tall and proud representing cherished memories.
  5. Sipping hot cocoa by the fire is one lovely desire.

I hope that you enjoyed these short stories. I wish you all a beautiful, safe, and fun holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!