What Hurricane Season Has Taught Me About Life

Hurricane season is upon us, we are actually getting into the height of hurricane season. As I type this, Hurricane Ian is making its way up the coast.

I live several hours from the coast, and I’ve had my fair share of experiencing natural disasters. I have fortunately lived through hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and an earthquake. I count my blessings; Unfortunately, I know that not everyone is as lucky.

What I Realized

Experiencing hurricane season every year has made me think. This season can be applied to many parts of our lives.

Like life itself, a hurricane can change paths out of nowhere, it can quickly gain momentum, and in the blink of an eye, our whole world changes. The weather is unpredictable as is life itself.

We usually get a bit of a warning about a pending storm. We get the chance to bring in our belongings and make sure that we have candles, flashlights, and extra water within reach. We get a moment to prepare for chaos.

Weathering the Storm

Many things will be thrown at us in life, we must learn how to prepare, weather the storm, and pick up the aftermath.

Life often gives us a heads up that a challenge will be knocking on our doors. There might start to be layoffs at work, you might not be feeling well for a while, maybe you feel stretched thin, or you might be having relationship issues.

As time passes, we realize that we made it through, but not without a scratch or even possibly a scar. Sometimes our lives are turned upside down, then have to deal with the aftermath.

The Storminess of Life 

We will all have many storms in life. We will take time to prepare and make things right, but in the end, life is unpredictable, and it will take its course.

The storms in our lives are there to help make us. They may break us temporarily, but we will come out stronger in the end.

A Beautiful Reminder

Just like with hurricanes during this season, we may enter a rocky period in our lives. We may even lose everything that we have. One thing is for certain though, if we can make it out alive, we will be so much stronger.

The wind can come howling, the rain can pour, and the dark clouds can hang low, but once the storm is over, the sun will shine brightly and everything that once felt so dark will become light. Whatever season you are going through, keep going strong. You can do this; you can weather the storm!