An Inspiring Quote

             Someone recently sent me a quote that read “When asked if my cup is half-full, or half-empty, my only response is that I am thankful to have a cup.” – Sam Lefkowitz.  I am a true lover of quotes and I had never seen this one before.  It really hit me and opened my eyes.

          Many of us have heard the question of “Is your cup half-full, or half-empty?” Basically it means, do you see life and is your mindset more of a positive one (half-full), or is it more of a not-so positive approach (half-empty).  Of course, this doesn’t always hold true, sometimes it’s just a matter of perception.


   Life can definitely get me down, but I like to and I try to approach life with the glass half-full mindset.  When I saw this quote, it made the phrase take on a whole new meaning.  This quote by Sam Lefkowitz took it to a whole different level by saying that he was just happy enough to even have a cup regardless.  As I mentioned before, I look very deeply at life and I ponder a lot of what I think, see, hear, and feel.  This had me thinking and applying this quote to my everyday life and just life in general.

        So many times we hear people say “I hate my job,” “My house is so cluttered,” or “My car has a lot of issues.”  While these things are no doubt stressful and such an annoyance, this quote can help us see our stressors in a different way, on a more positive note.  Positivity is even harder when we are down, or stressed, we tend not to focus on the positive as we deal with issues at hand, but it can really allow us to see our situations in a different light.  That job that we hate? Someone is wishing and praying for one right now.  The messy house that we have? Some people are living on the streets in poverty and would take any form of shelter they could get.  That car that is causing us trouble? There are some people out there that have lost their car, or are not able to afford one.  I say these things to in no way minimize our struggles, stress, and hardships, but rather help us to see our burdens in a different way and to see what a life-changer it can be to truly be grateful for all that we have!