Caffeine, You WERE My Friend

I have always been a lover of coffee and tea. I thoroughly enjoy the taste and how a cup of goodness can make me feel cozy and happy.

No matter the season, I always prefer iced tea or coffee to hot, but on a cold winter day or when feeling under the weather, a hot cup is just what I need.

The Beginning

I have always enjoyed coffee and tea purely for the taste of it and when I first started drinking it, I would drink solely decaf.

I was in love with all of the beautiful flavors that were in my cup, and I loved the idea of there being so many options to choose from depending on what I wanted to enjoy that day.

My Favorites

There are many varieties of coffee and tea that I love, but some of my favorites are iced mochas, iced chai, Earl Grey, and the ever-famous plain coffee with flavored creamers.

A few years ago, I started drinking coffee not only because of its delicious flavor, but because I needed an energy boost. I was working a very demanding job in the medical field, and I needed caffeine some days to get me by.

Fast forward to today and although I am not working at the moment, I am very busy taking care of my family and a lot is going on every day. I started drinking coffee every morning, just one cup to get me through the day.

The Perks 

I started to feel like a superwoman on caffeine, I felt that I could do anything and no matter how much sleep I lost, I could still keep going. Who knew that one simple cup of coffee could do so much?

Coffee made me feel alert and alive, and it made me feel like I could make it through the day without crashing midway through. I would wake up each morning and make a small cup of iced coffee and add in my favorite flavored creamers. It was Heaven to look forward to every morning!

Weird Symptoms

A little over a month ago, I started feeling chest pain, a racing and irregular heartbeat, and my anxiety was through the roof. I also noticed some hormonal changes in my body. I chalked it up to anxiety and stress and went about my day.

Several weeks went by and I started feeling lightheaded upon activities like climbing the stairs and standing up from a sitting position. I could feel my heart pounding and I could feel palpitations in my chest. I knew that it was time to make an appointment with my doctor.

Medical Testing

I went through some testing to make sure that it wasn’t heart-related and thankfully it was not, but this left me wondering what the cause of my symptoms was. As my doctor asked me about my lifestyle habits, the topic of caffeine came up and I told my doctor that I only drink one cup a day.

To my surprise, my doctor informed me that some people are very intolerant to caffeine and that even one cup truly disrupts the body for sensitive individuals. This was news to me; I wasn’t aware that one simple cup could cause so many problems.

I was a little skeptical but given that I am very sensitive to any medications that I take, I was on board with what my doctor was saying. Maybe I was one of the few with caffeine intolerance. I was instructed to cut down and then eliminate my caffeine intake.

Here We Go 

The day after my appointment, I started using a mixture of half decaf and half caffeinated coffee. I then tapered it down to strictly decaf a few days later. I missed the perks of feeling energetic and having a clearer mind, but I was still able to enjoy the delicious taste that I love.

A few days later, I started experiencing some unpleasant symptoms. I was getting daily headaches, and feeling very nauseous, I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I felt like I was hit by a bus.

Just like that, I was in caffeine withdrawal. My doctor was right, one simple cup, and I was “addicted” to the point that my body was experiencing withdrawal from losing that one cup of coffee. I never knew that my body was relying on this stimulant as much as it was.


Since this happened only a few weeks ago, I am still trying my hardest to gain energy naturally. I still drink my decaf coffee every morning and sometimes I wish that I could add in a little caffeine.

It is amazing how what we eat, and drink affects our bodies so greatly. If something feels off with you and your body, definitely make sure to get it checked out. It could be something like needing a simple lifestyle change like this one.

Ever since I cut my morning caffeinated coffee, my anxiety has lessened greatly. I have an anxiety disorder, so it will always be there, but the degree is much less. I no longer have a racing heart or feel lightheaded.

Your Turn

I would love to hear more about you! Are you a tea or coffee drinker? If so, have you experienced any of these unpleasant downsides of caffeine?

Have you ever had to change a lifestyle habit because it hurt more than it helped?

Do You Have Time to Be Happy?

I think that most of us would agree that happiness is an utmost priority. Life is very complex, and many factors contribute to one’s level of happiness.

For us to be happy, basic life needs have to be met for us to feel comfortable. We need food, water, shelter, ability to pay bills, we need love, support, and respect. Of course, many other things can bring us happiness, some are considered a luxury, while others are a means of survival.

Happiness Is a Priority 

Above all, your happiness and well-being are priceless. No relationship, job, or situation is worth it if it takes away your happiness and zest for life.

There will be sacrifices when making adjustments in life, however, happiness is the ultimate goal! If you can get past the sacrifices and have the strength and determination to make changes along the way, you are on your way to a happier life.

Start Your Day 

What you expose yourself to first thing in the morning when you wake up sets the tone for the rest of your day. Start your day with positive words, inspirational stories, start with looking yourself in the mirror and saying that you love yourself, and mention some qualities that you love about yourself.

You may want to read religious doctrines, play some calming or upbeat music, write, journal, or even meditate. Anything that brings you happiness, even for just a few minutes is worth it!

It Only Takes a Few Minutes

Often people say that they don’t have time, that they are too busy, or too tired to include any sort of routine like this into their day, but it only takes a moment of your time, and the benefits will be worth it. If someone were to ask you if you have a few minutes in your day to feel happier in life, what would you tell them? Oftentimes the solutions to our problems lies in our own hands!

Why I Delete My Text Messages Every Night

I am a creature of habit, as many of us are. I have a routine during the day and night although I do enjoy some spontaneity in the mix sometimes too, it’s a nice break from the monotony!

I love to text, I would much rather text than talk on the phone. I find talking on the phone exhausting, I would much rather talk in person. I could text all day though, I enjoy it. I just love my cell phone in general. There is a routine that I have every night that you might find a bit odd, but the reason behind it is what keeps me sane.

Every single night I delete all of my text messages after I make sure that I have already responded to them. I am the type of person that will analyze things to no end, I love to look at the meaning behind things and I use to go back and reread conversations especially if there was a disagreement, or if friends went quiet suddenly. I would go back to reread what conversations we had to see if it was anything that I said.

Clearly, this is very detrimental behavior to one’s mental health and for that reason, I delete my text messages every night. This way, when I wake up in the morning, I start my day with a blank slate. I don’t spend time analyzing anything, I keep moving forward with no turning back!

Do you have any sort of routines like this that you have found to better your well-being? Please share if you would like!

Keeping Your Cup Full

Self-care is a word that we hear about often, yet something that many of us don’t remember to do as much as we should. We are so busy with life and we spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Life keeps us busy and we all have relationships and responsibilities that we must attend to and put energy towards. We may sometimes feel superhuman as we navigate daily challenges and tasks off of our to-do list. Often in the midst of things we forget that energy is not finite, it will run low if not preserved and boosted.

There are many ways and things that you can do to help with self-care, it all depends on what your likes and interests are. Self-care may be as simple as taking yourself out to dinner, getting a new haircut, getting a manicure/pedicure, gardening, cooking a good meal, playing sports, even choosing to stay in one evening to watch shows is self-care.

The importance of taking care of oneself is immense. Our minds and bodies are only capable of so much before we hit a slump, or even a breakdown, it’s very important to listen to your mind and body and to know when to slow down and take time for yourself. When you practice good self-care, you are physically and mentally at your best and you keep your cup full. It is only when you yourself are “full” that you are able to do your best in life and also give your best in life. We can’t possibly take care of others, or the demands of life without taking care of ourselves first! This is a reminder to do something that you love, something that makes you happy, something that helps you relax today!

Going with the Flow

I have a little pocket calendar that I use to keep track of important dates, events, appointments, etc.  I look at it often to see what is going on for the week, I don’t typically rely on a calendar so much, but during these times with so many changes and things going on, I can’t keep my mind straight!  What has surprised me, especially in the last few months, is how many changes I have made to my calendar…this led me to write about an important topic.

Over the last few months ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, I have found myself erasing many plans out of my pocket calendar, not only that, I have found myself needing to add unexpected events to my calendar as well.  This happens of course in general, because life is ever-changing, however even more so in the last several months.  I think we all realize how much life changes, but having the “proof” right there in front of you is very eye-opening.

I have always been the kind of person that loves to have a routine and to have things planned out.  I know that some people are very go with the flow and they like adventure and spontaneity, and while I enjoy these things occasionally, if I don’t have a stable routine and plans laid out, I become very unsettled and anxious.


One thing that I have learned is that we can plan all we want, but life is going to unfold as it should regardless of the plans that we make.  Life can change for us in a matter of seconds, hours, days, it is always evolving and although we have control over many aspects of our lives, we don’t for others.  I suppose this constant change makes life interesting, keeps us on our toes, and helps us grow as a human being.

One thing for sure, one good and very helpful quality to have is being able to just take it easy and go with the flow.  When things don’t work out as planned, I still tend to get anxious and disappointed by it, but I am learning to be more patient and to remind myself that if something does, or does not happen, that it was just meant to be that way.  It’s not easy, but try just going with the flow and see how that can bring peace to your life.