“We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home.”

I came across this beautiful quote by Ram Dass. I was in awe of its beauty and how it can represent several meanings. I love quotes, especially ones with a deep meaning. They often awaken something within me and help me see life in a different light. They offer encouragement and are beautiful words to ponder.

I took this quote two different ways, both equally beautiful. Perhaps, others will see this quote and understand it in a different way than I have. That’s what makes life beautiful, we all are working towards something together and see things in many different ways. It truly makes the world go round.


The first meaning that I thought of when I saw this quote was that “home” represented Heaven, a place that I feel that we go after we leave our physical body. We are all here on Earth discovering our path to life and learning along the way. We are learning lessons, teaching lessons, and sharing a bit of ourselves with the world around us. In return, we are helping others to do the same. In a sense, every step that we take, every decision that we make, and every time that we help others, we are walking them “home.” We are with them in their life path from the beginning to the end.

The second meaning that I got from this quote was that “home” is regarding our “soul” and “heart.” When we talk and share with others, we are learning about them and helping them learn more about themselves. Often, we can learn even more about ourselves as we encounter different people and situations. In a sense, we are walking each other “home” to our true selves. Our home is a place where we tend to feel loved, secure, and safe.


How do you interpret this quote? This quote speaks volumes and I find it very beautiful. 

Pondering life is one of my favorite things. I like to think deeply about why we are here, what our mission is, and how we all relate to each other. I find it amazing that we are all truly miracles. Just being born is a miracle in itself!


What is Your Favorite Quote, and Why?

I adore quotes, I love that words and sentences can come together with a very powerful message for the reader.

Many times, I find that when I read a quote, I can relate to it. The message will remind me where I came from and how far I have come. There is often a major life lesson within these beautiful works of art.

One of My Favorites

I have several quotes that are my favorites, however one in particular sticks out in my mind because of how much I can relate to it.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not in the branch, but her own wings. Believe in yourself.” – Charlie Wardle

My Past

I have never been the confident type. Thankfully this doesn’t show much on the outside, but on the inside, I have always struggled with self-esteem. I have always felt like an outsider despite others not seeing me this way.

I was always the person that wanted to know every single detail before I committed to something. My anxiety got the best of me many times and prevented me from branching out and living a full life.


I still deal with a great amount of anxiety daily, however, I have learned tips and tricks to help me function better in everyday life and my relationships with others.

My confidence is up and down, but I have more days that I believe in myself and my strengths. I am trying my hardest to look at the trials in my life as lessons that will help me reach this goal. I am being proactive about it now versus sweeping my issues under the rug.

How This Quote Has Impacted Me

Over the years, I have done a better job of placing trust in myself instead of waiting for life’s circumstances to be perfect…something that it will never be!

I try my best not to place trust in others to build me up and instead look inward to find that strength. I strive every day to believe in myself like this little bird who is confident enough to trust itself instead of the branch on which it stands.

Do You Have a Favorite Quote?

Is there a quote that you live by, one that has changed your life in some way, or one that you can relate to? I would love to hear it!