My Intuition Has Been on Fire

Have you ever had a very strong gut feeling that turned out to be correct? Maybe you have predicted a certain event would happen and it did. That strong gut feeling and powerful energy is our intuition.

Ever since I was really young, I would always get very strong feelings about certain things. It was almost as if I could predict the future. This, of course, gave me tremendous anxiety because as a young child, I couldn’t understand this strong energy that I felt.

As I Got Older

My beloved grandmother started to tell me stories about how she was able to use her intuition to guide her throughout her life. She used her gut instincts to make decisions about jobs, family, and relationships. We were talking one day about intuition and that’s when it hit me that I had the same “gift” as she did.

She began to tell me that my intuition would grow as I aged and that I could make it even stronger by using it daily to guide me through life.

We are all born with a gut instinct, it just varies to which degree we have it. Some of us have a very strong and intense intuition, others have it off and on, while some may not even notice that they have this powerful gift inside of them at all.

Over the Years

I have had some very crazy experiences with my intuition over the years. It has definitely gotten stronger, just like my grandmother said. I purposely use my intuition most of the time, but there are several instances where feelings and thoughts pop up that were not provoked.

One of the strangest things that I have been able to sense in the past was when my uncle was having a heart attack, I knew that he had one before we even got the call. Thankfully, he is alive and doing great. Also, I was doing the dishes one day after making dinner for my grandparents, and I had a strong sense that my grandfather was going to trip on something as he was going down the stairs. I dropped the dishes into the sink and ran to stop him. I was feeling like a crazy person, but when I looked at one of the steps there was a large plastic bag that had fallen off of the railing.


My intuition has been on fire lately. Exact numbers that pop into my head will be seen as I go about my day, I have been thinking of certain friends, ones that I don’t talk to all of the time, and they will end up contacting me a few days later. When my phone rings, many times I can tell who is calling before I look.

One of my cousins randomly popped into my head the other day, she ended up sending me a text message the next day. I have been seeing several doctors lately for issues that I have been having and crazy enough I have been able to predict which way these appointments were going to go.

For a while now, I have had a feeling that one of my cousins was going to become pregnant with a baby boy. Sure enough, she is! These are just a few examples of how spot-on my intuition has been lately. I love it, I think it’s absolutely fascinating that we have another sense that we can tune into that can give us many answers and insight. Having a strong intuition does raise my anxiety levels, however, because I am often able to foresee things that happen before they do. It’s a blessing and a curse, especially if the outcome is negative.

Strengthening Intuition

I try daily to strengthen this sense. I take random moments to “predict” how a certain situation will play out. Even small things, like which elevator will open up first, which numbers are on a barcode, trying to sense who is texting me before I check. Many times, I can sense what time it is before even checking the clock. I take intuition to an extreme, but it is fun and amazing to me.

My take on intuition is that it is one of our senses that is not always used or tapped into. Once you discover its ability, the possibilities are endless! Much of this world has an energy attached to it. Think of a time when you made a decision and inside it just didn’t feel right. You might recall that feeling in your gut that you felt. That is the one that is your guide. This feeling can further help you when you are making decisions or meeting someone new. Pay attention to that glowing, happy feeling, or the one that tells you that something just isn’t right.

Do you have a strong sense of intuition or have any strange stories about what you were able to feel before it happened? I am truly fascinated by this subject. We have so much power within us, some of which we are not even aware of!


Are You an Earth Angel?

Have you heard of the term Earth Angel? It is a belief that someone is put on this earth to help and guide others. They are in human form; however, they have a great mission to help spread love and hope to others.

By nature, I am a very compassionate person that loves to make other people smile and make them happy. I want to spread positivity and hope to other individuals because I know how hard life is without each of these things. I enjoy lifting people up and offering a helping hand. This is just part of my personality; however, a term was thrown at me a few times that I had previously never heard of, and it had me wondering.

I Became Curious
I am definitely a believer in the afterlife, angels, ghosts, you name it. I have quite a lot of experience with the paranormal and connections with other realms. Over the last several years I have been approached by people that I know as well as complete strangers about the possibility of being an Earth Angel. I thought to myself “what is this? I am definitely not an “angel” though I see myself as a good person overall.” I then asked more questions, and I was told that I have a certain aura surrounding me. Again, I am not familiar with much of this, but it fascinates me, nonetheless.

Curious about the idea of Earth Angels I asked what sort of traits they tend to possess, and I learned the following.

Earth Angels tend to be:

  • Drawn to mystical things
  • Empathetic and sensitive
  • Feeling like they are out of place, or like they don’t belong
  • Very intuitive
  • Loving and caring and want to heal others
  • Drawn to helping others, you feel it’s your duty
  • Feeling emotions very deeply and heavily
  • Very upset in negative situations

Question For You

Can you relate to any of the above? I believe that we are all angels in some way. Each day, we spread a little love and light to others that cross our paths. We uplift, encourage, support, and motivate other people to be the best that they can be. Every kind word and kind gesture has the power to help change the world!

My First Psychic Reading

I have been highly intuitive my whole life, so I am a big believer in people who have psychic abilities. I have been able to predict events before they happen and even sense events that are happening at that very moment. I can look at objects or people and get feelings about them, most of which end up being accurate at least to some degree. I am not new to this ability, however, what was new for me, was going to my first psychic reading!

I have always wanted to have a psychic reading done, but I was always too scared about what they might reveal to me. I was also weary of the possibility that there could be a lot of scammers out there who will give you a bogus reading and run with your money.

It took years of building up the courage to call and make an appointment for a session with a psychic. I did a lot of research and read many reviews until I found a lady, who I will call Joyce to protect her identity. I read Joyce’s profile and I resonated a lot with her background and way of being. It was like she was almost a bonus psychic because her profile had that she was also a Medium, meaning that she can connect with those that have passed on.

I nervously reached for my cell phone and started dialing her phone number, I put my phone down several times before I finally called her. I left her a message and a few minutes later she ended up calling me back. We chatted on the phone for about 15 minutes, and we had a great vibe, ironically, she ended up picking up things about me even over the phone, so I was pleasantly surprised, and I felt that this was at the very least not a scam.

After we finished talking on the phone briefly, she went over the terms and conditions of our future meeting, Joyce went over what to expect at the reading and what she is and isn’t able to do so that everything was clear before I made an appointment. This was another thing that made me feel comfortable, she took the time to make sure that everything was laid out so that there were no surprises. We then set up a date to meet for my first psychic reading.

A few days had passed and the date of my first psychic session was quickly approaching, I pondered many times about the thought of canceling my appointment, but I kept up the courage to leave everything as it was. Less than a week later, the day had come. I remember making the one-hour drive to the holistic store that she worked in, it was a cold and dark winter night, which added to the feel of the night.

I parked my car and went inside. There was the smell of burning incense in the store along with many lights and decorations everywhere. There was a section of books and crystals. There was even a cat inside to add to the ambiance. I felt relaxed here and all of my worries started to fade. I met Joyce and she took me to a back room that was quiet and cozy. We each sat down on a sofa, and we started to talk like old friends.

Joyce let me know that I could ask her specific questions if I wanted, but that if I didn’t have anything to ask, she said that the feelings would just come to her as we spoke. I did have a few questions…Was I going to find love? How many children was I going to have? What sort of career will I end up having? I also just sat patiently and let her tell me what energy she was feeling from me.

It has been a couple of years since my first psychic reading, and I can tell you that so far everything that Joyce said has been correct. I am in awe of this gift and ability from above. She was also able to channel my deceased loved ones, including my grandmother who was so dear to my heart. Joyce was able to tell me things about my grandmother and our inside jokes that no one in this world could have possibly known. I was in shock, tears streaming down my face. She also brought up things from my past, knew my personality traits and interests, and was able to mention my hopes and dreams. There’s no way that she could have known any of this.

I am so glad that I had the courage to have this experience. If I had let my fear and anxiety take over, I would have never been able to receive all of the lovely messages that she had for me. I would have never learned that there are people that truly have a very beautiful gift that they want to share and not just people out to scam somebody. I know the idea of having a psychic reading is a little farfetched for some, but this story can be applied to everyday life in general. Try not to let your fears hold you back, you never know what you might discover.

Have you ever had a psychic reading done? Was it accurate? I would love to hear about your experiences!

I Knew That Was Going to Happen

Have you ever just been going about your life when all of a sudden you are hit with a very strong gut feeling, an urge/push, a premonition about something that ended up happening? That little feeling is called intuition.

Having a sense of intuition is something that is innate, it is inside us all, but in varying degrees. Some of us are extremely in tune with our ability by either gift, or simply working on strengthening the ability and others are not in tune, or even possibly not aware that they possess such a trait. You may have noticed for example when someone calls, or sends you a text message, you may automatically get a sense of who is contacting you before you even reach your phone…that’s intuition!

Ever since I was a little girl I had a very strong intuition, this ability has only grown as an adult. I’ve always been interested in this topic and I do try hard to strengthen this ability, so perhaps that is why I notice it more as an adult. When you are at one with your intuition, you will notice that it just “feels right” and you feel at peace. Have you ever gone against your gut feeling? How did that make you feel? Chances are it made you feel pretty uncomfortable and worried. Our bodies are telling us information all of the time. We can discover some pretty amazing things if we sit down to listen to what it has to say.

Try to follow your gut feelings because most of the time they will be correct. Your mind and heart can get in the way of a lot of things, including messages that your true inner self is trying to tell you. I have such a passion and interest on this topic. Please feel free to share any intuitive experiences that you have had!

Dancing in the Future

There is a quote by Bil Keane “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” For most of our lives, we have been told to live in the present and not focus too much on the past, or future, just live in the moment and enjoy what is in front of us right now. As hard as this is, it really is important in life.

For me personally, especially lately, I have found myself focused more on the future, sometimes the past, and not so much the present. Ideally I would love to change that. How can we enjoy life and live in the moment if we are stuck somewhere else? I think about the past a lot because I enjoy recalling those memories, or wonder how things could have been if I had done things differently, I think about the future because I am excited about what’s to come and curious how things will unfold, yet what I really should focus on is the here and now.

It is great to have goals and great to look to the future and make plans, yet we need to remember the present moment and enjoy all that it has to offer. We can make plans for the future and dream of the kind of life we want, yet things are ever-changing. There’s no harm in dancing in the future, just remember to come back and enjoy today!