An Emotional View Outside of My Window

Today started like any other day. One of the first things that I do when I get up in the morning is open the curtains and blinds to allow the morning sunlight to come in.

I don’t mind the darkness, I love it at nighttime, but during the day, I thrive on having lots of sunlight coming into the house.

What I Saw

This morning, when I pulled the curtains back and opened the blinds, I didn’t see the bright sunlight. In fact, the tops of the trees were missing, and the building several miles down the road that always has bright lights on, could not be seen. I was staring out at a hazy neighborhood. (I will share pictures below).

Some of you may have heard of the devastating wildfires in Canada causing mass destruction. I feel bad for everyone being affected. Smoke is being pushed down to the East Coast of the United States where I live.

The Reality

When you see something unfortunate on the news, it hits you and you can sympathize with others, but when it happens to you, it hits on an even larger and more emotional level.

I live over 2,500 miles from Canada, and I woke up to haze and smoky skies outside this morning. A quick trip to the mailbox left me shocked as I smelled a strong scent of burning rubber and smoke in the air.

The News

I came inside and turned on the news. The local Air Quality Index (AQI) for my area was almost 340, which put us in the Hazardous Category. We were advised to stay inside and if we absolutely had to go out, we should wear a mask.

I know that this is nothing compared to what my friends in Canada and New York have experienced. It made me emotional thinking of that and how scary it must be to look outside the window and not be able to see nor be able to step foot outside. Life is at a standstill for them at the moment.

It always amazes me how even though we are all miles and miles away, we all are connected and have an impact on each other, good and bad.


Here are some pictures of this morning. You can see the change of color in the sky and the smoke and haze. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.

Hazy skies and smoke in front of the trees. Photo by Jessica Levine
A strange orange tint to the sky.
Photo by Jessica Levine

A house and trees in the near distance seems to be a blur.
Photo by Jessica Levine

Smoke-filled sky.
Photo by Jessica Levine

Stay Safe

I hope that everyone stays safe and limits their time outside. I hope that the fires that have taken over Canada will be able to be controlled very soon.

I can’t imagine what others are experiencing if I am 2,500 miles away from Canada.

Air flows from all over the world, we are all connected even with miles upon miles between us.


365 Days

A photo is a memory captured at that very moment. A moment that we will never get back. The memory will carry on as will the emotions and feelings attached to it, but the actual memory is frozen in time.

I was looking through some of my pictures and I happened to stumble upon one that was taken exactly one year ago today. I stared at the picture, and I couldn’t believe that a year had passed.

The photo was of my children sitting at their little table painting a picture. I remember this moment plain as day. Their smiling faces, the beautiful colors of paint, and the creativity that flowed from them even in their young age. I was in shock that 365 days had passed since that photo was taken. 365 days had passed since that memory was experienced.

Time Flies

Growing up, I always heard from those older than me that “time flies.” I kept hearing that the older that you get, time passes even quicker. I didn’t know what anyone meant by this when I was young. It felt like Christmas came every 10 years as a child because to me it felt that time passed so slowly.

As I grow older, I can see that this is exactly the case. I’m only in my thirties, but it seems like every year passes quicker than the last. Time just keeps moving. I think this may also have to do with having a family and more responsibilities. It keeps me busy and constantly moving.

Reliving the Past

I look back at photos or think of a memory and I can’t even believe that so much time has passed. This is another reminder to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment for one day it becomes a memory. These beautiful memories that we collect along the way stay with us for a lifetime.

Sometimes it takes a date and time stamp on a photo to realize how fast this precious life goes. It is also amazing to see change and growth that occurs throughout the years!

Get Lost in a Picture

It is amazing how looking at pictures that elicit certain memories can bring us so much happiness.

Memories that are tied to our senses and strong emotions are the ones that we remember the most and more vividly than others.

Have you ever played a CD that had music from years ago and it took you back to that point in your life? Have you ever walked inside a Yankee Candle shop and left in perfect bliss after smelling some familiar scents?

Take A Look

Have a glance at these lovely photos that I have picked out, courtesy of Unsplash. I hope that they will make you happy and possibly even leave you reminiscing about a beautiful time in your life.

A warm and delicious pumpkin pie!

Walking in a winter wonderland.

An amazing sunrise that captivates with its colors.

Summer vibes while reminiscing about a pool on a hot summer day!

The peace that a beautiful flower brings.

This delicious chocolaty dessert has me remembering holiday baking!

How Do You Feel?

I hope that these images were able to bring you some happiness today and take you back to happy times and beautiful memories.

Amazingly, what we subject ourselves to can truly impact our moods!


Have you ever looked at a photograph of yourself and thought of how many things have happened to you since that picture was taken? All of the dreams and desires you once had, you may now actually have. All of the unexpected situations and roadblocks you have encountered, you now have the strength and growth that came from them.

One picture shows the passage of time. Time truly changes everything and it changes us. We can look back on a photo from years and years ago and realize that we are not quite that same person anymore. We have grown and experienced so much since that photo was taken. We can look back at where we were and many of us never dreamed we would be where we are today. Hold onto photographs for they are capturing memories and a person that is ever-changing!