365 Days

A photo is a memory captured at that very moment. A moment that we will never get back. The memory will carry on as will the emotions and feelings attached to it, but the actual memory is frozen in time.

I was looking through some of my pictures and I happened to stumble upon one that was taken exactly one year ago today. I stared at the picture, and I couldn’t believe that a year had passed.

The photo was of my children sitting at their little table painting a picture. I remember this moment plain as day. Their smiling faces, the beautiful colors of paint, and the creativity that flowed from them even in their young age. I was in shock that 365 days had passed since that photo was taken. 365 days had passed since that memory was experienced.

Time Flies

Growing up, I always heard from those older than me that “time flies.” I kept hearing that the older that you get, time passes even quicker. I didn’t know what anyone meant by this when I was young. It felt like Christmas came every 10 years as a child because to me it felt that time passed so slowly.

As I grow older, I can see that this is exactly the case. I’m only in my thirties, but it seems like every year passes quicker than the last. Time just keeps moving. I think this may also have to do with having a family and more responsibilities. It keeps me busy and constantly moving.

Reliving the Past

I look back at photos or think of a memory and I can’t even believe that so much time has passed. This is another reminder to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment for one day it becomes a memory. These beautiful memories that we collect along the way stay with us for a lifetime.

Sometimes it takes a date and time stamp on a photo to realize how fast this precious life goes. It is also amazing to see change and growth that occurs throughout the years!