I’m Giving Instagram One Last Chance

I joined Instagram a few years ago when I created my first blog on WordPress. I wanted a space to post pretty pictures and connect my writing to them somehow. I love the concept of Instagram. I think it’s wonderful to share pictures and be able to write a caption to go with them. I have always enjoyed Instagram.

When I started Instagram, it was a slow start, but I was just learning the platform and it was good to take it slow. After almost a year, I noticed a lot more engagement and followers. I found a lot of connections within the writing community and many others. It was wonderful! I posted pictures of anything and everything, I especially loved nature photos.


Out of nowhere, my engagement started to dip, and it was hard to find writers and individuals in general that were still active on Instagram. As with anything, social media requires a lot of planning and time. Most of us are limited with time and we are spread thin. Time is gold!

I kept going strong with Instagram for a while and then I decided to stop posting and focus more on my blogging. I have been persistent with my writing, and I have the desire to try Instagram one more time.

A Fresh Start

Last night I archived all of my Instagram pictures. I want to have a fresh start and approach my account a little differently. I want to make it blog-specific instead of random photos and captions. I also want to focus on connecting my posts with Medium.

I haven’t fully thought everything out, but I do know that I want to give Instagram one last chance. I love the excitement of a new beginning. If it doesn’t end up being “worthwhile,” I will still keep my account, but I will stop posting pictures and just put my full focus into writing. I also have other social media accounts for my blog. It can be a lot to juggle multiple platforms, but I think everything is worth a try. Majority of my time goes into writing, but I do try to allocate time for social media. I think finding support and being supportive are very important.

Do you have any suggestions on how to revamp my Instragram feed? I am open to hearing what you have to say! Thank you!


The Path of Redirection

Can you recall a time when you wanted something so badly, but it never happened? A time when you wanted A, but you got B? Maybe you were upset and mad at the world for a while and wondering why me?

For the most part, we generally have a direction that we want to go in life. We have a path that we want to take, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Life will take us on many journeys and they won’t always be the ones that we expect or hope for. While this sounds like a negative outcome, it can end up being the most beautiful thing ever.

A Different Path

The path of redirection may be what we least expect or hope for as we navigate through life. We have this vision for our lives, and we anticipate most of it happening to us as we strive and work hard every day to create the lives that we want.

Being taken off of the path that we were originally on can be discouraging, frustrating, and can leave us questioning so much about ourselves and our lives.


We all have our own beliefs about life. I believe that we all have a destiny, a designed path that we are to be on. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and somehow, we all end up right where we should be when the time is right.

Our path is unique to us. Traveling down the path of redirection can put us farther away from where we want to be. What we may not realize is that this redirection may lead us to our desires despite it feeling like a huge curveball.

Life Experiences 

There have been so many times in my life when I’ve been redirected. I remember feeling frustrated and lost. I couldn’t understand why I was being taken so far away from what I wanted.

As time moved forward, things started slowly falling into place. Many of the times the desired outcome was reached even if it was the complete opposite way of how I expected it to be. Many of the redirections in my life became some of my biggest blessings!

The Puzzle of Life

Have you ever noticed that our experiences in life fit together like a puzzle? Everything connects to something else as we march on.

Each piece fits together so perfectly. Each piece is important as it becomes a part of the larger picture.

The next time that you find yourself being redirected, hold onto hope that it might be for the best and that the biggest blessing might be just around the corner!


I love Mondays, honestly each day I like for a different reason. Monday is probably not the most loved day of the week for most people. For many of us that means back to work, back to school, back to waking up early, back to the daily grind, but there is something that I find special about Monday.

Like I mentioned above, I like each day of the week for a different reason, I enjoy Mondays for that feeling of a fresh start, a new beginning, the world opens back up again after the calm of the weekend. Life starts anew and there is so much excitement and anticipation to see how the week will unfold. I love the feeling of a “fresh start,” kind of like how it feels on New Year’s Eve as we bring in a new and hopefully amazing new year.

I know Mondays can be difficult, waking up early is not fun, fighting traffic is not easy, going to a job that’s stressful is difficult, but I hope today and everyday you find something to enjoy about your day! Hope you all have a great week and are doing well, thank you for your continued support! What are you hoping to accomplish this week?