They Just Don’t Care

There’s a type of person that I aspire to be. One who is secure and carefree. One who doesn’t care what the world says and thinks, she’s confident in her skin, ways, and abilities.

She finds strength in silence and does things because she wants to without the need to tell others.


There are individuals in this world who some call a “mystery.” They are the ones that may be more on the quieter or introverted side. Ones that don’t share much about their lives, thoughts, and feelings.

I used to be one of these “mystery people,” I had terrible social anxiety and just anxiety in general. I hardly spoke to anyone. Fast-forward to today and I am a lot more extroverted and share a lot more. There is one thing that I miss.

I recall being a lot more centered and calmer prior to becoming extroverted. I did always wonder what I was missing out on, but some parts of me miss the old me that I kept in a bubble.


I have a friend that doesn’t care what others think. She does what she pleases, respects other people, and doesn’t think too deeply about life, she just lives! I admire this so much and to me, she shows much strength.

Many people, including myself, share a good amount about their lives. I also appreciate the beauty in this type of person because they can be open, vulnerable, and be themselves.

Sometimes I almost feel a sort of anxiety or obsession with sharing what is going on in my life and wanting to know what is happening with others. It is nearly impossible and probably not even necessary to do so. The realities of living with OCD I suppose!


There is beauty in mystery and silence. There is also a great strength. There is beauty in vulnerability and being able to share and connect with other human beings. There is peace in striving for a balance of the two.

While I still admire the souls that just don’t care and they live their life to the fullest without a care, I also admire those who are just themselves and are living authentically. Every one of us could be a lot happier if we stayed true to who we are.

The world goes round because of the different souls that walk this Earth. No two people are the same and this is what makes life beautiful!


Neighborhood Mysteries

I am naturally a very deep thinker and sometimes my mind comes up with things that many people may never think of or may find weird. I make a lot of observations and one came to me today as I was taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

As some of you may know, I adore taking walks and some of my biggest motivators are the ideas and experiences that occur while I am out for a stroll. I just happened to take a walk around the entire neighborhood in our section of homes. Some thoughts came to me as I ventured around on this summer day.

I saw one neighbor painting his house, another was doing yard work. An older gentleman was sitting outside enjoying the sun and fresh air on his patio. Not too far in front of me were two teen girls having a conversation while walking a dog. Another neighbor got into his car and drove away. Many people surrounded me.

A lot of what meets the eye doesn’t go beyond the surface level. We see beautiful homes, a quiet neighborhood, we see friendly neighbors, and green yards. What we don’t see is what is below the surface.

Each one of these individuals that we encounter has a life that they are living. They have struggles, dreams, and desires, and they have so much going on in their lives that we know nothing about.

When we take a step outside, typically we are greeted with a smile and everyone appears happy, but this is on the surface, this is what we see, not necessarily what truly is. What happens behind these closed doors? We don’t know what people are facing in life, we only see the outside and what they are willing to share with us.

The surface is just that. It is the very basic and simple appearance of something or someone that oftentimes ends up being nothing as it seems. Life is happening all around us.

I can picture people in their homes making dinner, watching TV, taking care of children, working, and having important conversations with their loved ones. I can picture the busyness that takes place, but all that I can see from the outside are beautiful homes and a quiet, peaceful environment.

I enjoy leaving you a takeaway piece at the end of my stories, something for you to ponder, something for you to wonder about, something that may help you in some way. As you go about your day today, may this be a reminder that there is so much more than meets the eye!