The Fairy House

My sister and I are very close in age, growing up together was so much fun. We got into anything that we could, we had huge imaginations, and we were just very curious and mischievous.

We had a lot of interests and were always busy with some sort of creative play. We enjoyed video games and electronics also, but creative play was what we loved and what we played almost always. Recently, my sister and I were talking about childhood memories, and we let our minds wander.

We Recalled

Relaxing on the couch one summer, we came across a movie called Fairy Tale: A True Story that came out in 1997. Some of you may have heard of this movie, it was a true tale about the Cottingley Fairies from England.

We were fascinated with anything magical and mystical, so this movie was exactly what we wanted to see. Perhaps the biggest part was that this was based on a true story. Our imaginations went wild.

We sat through the movie and watched as the tale unfolded about a little group of fairies that lived in a garden in the woods in England. I remember it being just absolutely fascinating from start to finish. There is a scene in this movie of two little girls carrying a fairy house across the river. It reminded my sister and I of us. Our love and curiosity for fairies blossomed, we even found ourselves borderline obsessed after watching this amazing movie.

We Had a Great Idea!

My sister and I decided to make our own fairy house. We were beyond excited, we felt on top of the world at the thought of creating a fairy house and seeing if we could attract any fairies inside as the girls did in the movie.

My sister and I hopped onto our computer with a spiral notebook in hand and we started researching information on fairies, we took down any information that we could find. We wanted to know what they liked to eat, where they liked to live, and what attracted them. We were determined to witness a real-life fairy for ourselves.

Creating the House

We were very much into Barbie as young girls, so naturally, we had a lot of little mini pots and pans, food, and house accessories. We even went as far as going outside to collect fallen twigs from the ground and even some greenery, we wanted our fairy home to be as attractive and welcoming as possible. We got our mom’s hot glue craft gun and glued together all of the sticks to form the shape of a house.

Real food and water were the final touches that we added inside of the little house that we made and then we headed outside to put our new creation behind a large oak tree that was in our backyard. The perfect place we thought.

Waiting Patiently

Every day, multiple times a day, my sister and I would step outside and tiptoe over to the tall oak tree to check on our little house and see if there was any evidence of any visitors. The only visitors that we saw were insects. Days passed and then weeks and we started to lose hope that we were going to catch a fairy like the girls in the movie did.

As you might have already guessed, we never had a fairy visit the little home that we made, and then surprisingly years and years later it was revealed that the movie was a hoax, the title claims that the movie was based on a true story, but in fact, it was nothing more than a fabrication. We were very bummed to hear this, but being older at the time of the discovery, we had doubts about the existence of fairies at this point.

It Was Worth the Memory

Hearing this type of news didn’t take away the fun of this memory, it is something that neither my sister nor I will ever forget. The joy that we felt researching fairies and the extreme excitement that we felt making a house for them will live in. The curiosity of something this magical and the passion that we had behind making this house is something that will always remain a cherished childhood memory.

Important Life Reminder

Take time to explore the many interesting and hidden treasures in life. Find something that you are so interested in that you want to dive deep into it and fully submerge yourself, find something that sets your heart and soul on fire and gives you the drive to pursue your interests and dreams.

Summons your inner child who still believes in magic and finds a topic that you are so interested in that you feel like you have been transported into another dimension as you learn about it. Let it take you away, let it make you feel lost in a good way, let it make your world filled with awe and wonder!

I Met a Goat Today

Please stick with me, this story is not as random as it sounds. I was reminded of some valuable life lessons today.

I decided to visit a nearby public farm. I have always loved farm life and I admire the strength of farmers who put in hours and hours of hard physical labor in all elements of weather. As a lover of nature, the farm was an even bigger bonus.

I packed my water bottle and some snacks and took a drive to the farm. I was instantly filled with happiness as I saw large green hills, lots of wide-open space, and many farm animals that surrounded me. I couldn’t wait to see what was to be discovered during my visit.

I walked past the pigs, and the sheep, and observed the horses and cows grazing. There was even a nice home created for the ducks, equipped with a little pool of water for them to play in. In front of the ducks and chickens was a very lush environment filled with plants and greenery, it took me a while to see what was inside but hidden near the bushes was a beautiful peacock.

I kept walking and looking around at this gorgeous farm, I took a dirt path that led me to a large grassy area that housed the goats. A little goat came up to me immediately, it was like he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. There were unfortunately signs not to feed the animals, so I wasn’t able to, but what I was able to give this little goat was love. I petted his course hair and just enjoyed looking in awe at this little creature that wouldn’t leave my side.

I was surprised at how friendly this little goat was, especially considering how the other goats did not even approach the wooden fence. I petted his little face and talked to him and then decided to head up the dirt road to explore more of the farm.

To my surprise, the little goat followed me up the dirt road. He walked right beside me as I walked, the only thing that separated us was the wooden fence. I continued walking up the dirt road, the goat and I side by side.

I was truly mesmerized by this behavior; I found it precious and heartwarming. I loved all of the animals there on the farm. Each was unique and special in its way. Even though I enjoyed and loved all of these wonderful creatures, there is one that stood out…you might have guessed it already, it was my little goat friend.

We are keen on remembering things that elicit some sort of emotion in us, whether positive or negative. We are drawn to things that show us love, trust, and happiness. I know that this is a farm animal, but in general, this can be applied to the human population as well.

I have not been able to stop thinking of this little goat! Referring to humans, this shows us the importance of kindness and love. This tiny creature left a lasting impression on me.

As we go through life, we can easily recall the times that we were treated right, that we felt loved, and times when someone cared enough about us to stick by our sides. We will never forget those that trusted us and wanted to be in our presence.

Not only was this a beautiful day at the farm, but this precious little goat reminded me of the importance of pure love and kindness and what a difference it can make to someone. We don’t forget moments like this.

Be the person that welcomes someone, be the person that shows love, kindness, and respects other people. Be the person that stands out from the rest because they have shown others that they are valued.

The Yellow School Bus

Over the last week, we have seen the big yellow school bus return to the streets as children everywhere head back to school. As a child, the school bus meant only one thing, it was my way to and from school, but as an adult, this big yellow bus takes on a whole new meaning.

This week I almost feel elated as I see little kids walking to school and school buses everywhere, the world is back to the hustle and bustle after a few months of summer break. The streets are busier, and everyone is getting back into their routines.

I adore this time of year because the start of school means that fall is on the way and that is my absolute favorite season of all! It is such a beautiful time of year with the changing leaves, crisp air, and holiday fun around the corner.

I can’t help but smile when I see the buses roaming the streets picking up children and dropping them back off. The mere sight of one takes me back to my childhood and brings back so many school memories.

I think as human beings, we are thrilled with change and new beginnings bring on great excitement. In a way, the start of the school year and the fall season is like a new beginning. I thrive on seeing “normalcy” return after the quiet and emptiness of summer break.

I love summer, I enjoy vacations and spending time outdoors with loved ones. There is a lot of fun that happens during the summer months, but after it comes to a close, I am thrilled for my favorite season to arrive. Fall is so magical to me and is such a cozy time of year. What season is your favorite and why!? What visuals remind you of your favorite time of year?

Like a Sponge

Our brains are wired to take in everything around us like a sponge. We absorb so much from other people and our surroundings. What we hear and see daily has a great impact on our well-being.

The spoken words of others have so much impact and meaning to us. Good or bad, they either make or break us and these words are often kept with us for a very long time, if not for life. I can recall so many times certain words were said to me, and I have kept them close whether I wanted to or not.

I remember a good amount of my childhood and young adult life, I remember most of the kind things that were told to me as well as the things that broke my heart. The power of other people’s words is beyond measure. Words live with us, they become part of us.

I remember when I was younger and moved to a new school where I knew no one other than my sister who was there with me. I remember sitting in class taking in my new surroundings, trying to focus on my teacher and the many new faces surrounding me. One of the other girls in my class came over to me after the lecture ended and she said “Hi, I am Kylie (not her real name), I am your new best friend.” We laughed and I felt such a sense of peace knowing that someone had my back, especially during such an intimidating time of changing schools and leaving everything that I knew behind. These kind words will never leave my mind.

Some of the words that stay with us are not only spoken but written. I have been blogging for a few years and I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to hear your comments. My whole day is made when I hear comments like “this resonates with me,” “I feel the same way,” “this helped me so much,” or “thank you for the insightful post.” Your kind words mean so much to me and are a huge motivation, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The moral of this story is that our words have a great impact on other individuals, and we should choose them wisely, for they may stick with someone for a lifetime. Do you have any words that have stuck with you over the years? I would love to hear them!

I Took a Walk Today

It was a gorgeous sunny day, not too hot with a nice breeze. I decided to take a walk, being in nature and taking walks is one of my absolute favorite things to do and something that I do very often. I love the way that nature makes me feel and I get excited not knowing what I might stumble upon during my little journey.

I choose to take a path that I haven’t taken before, I kept walking and walking, and I was passing large open fields and houses with people in their backyards enjoying this summer day. I found a little sidewalk that I decided to follow and lo and behold I found myself at a middle school.
I looked around at the school from the outside. I could see trailers and a bunch of school buses in the parking lot waiting for summer break to end in a few weeks. Farther down, I saw a basketball court and a track field. I couldn’t stop smiling. I found myself taking a trip down memory lane.

When I was in elementary school, I was very outgoing, you could call me a class clown, I loved to make people laugh and would go to great lengths to do so. Going from a smaller elementary school to a very large secondary school for my middle school years was very challenging for me. I became very shy socially, the teen years had me questioning my self-esteem as a lot of us go through, I also had my fair share of bullies. Next came high school, a few of those years were challenging as well, but senior year was an absolute blast as I came out of my shell and became the outgoing girl that I was back in elementary school.

As with most people, I had a lot of not-so-fond memories of middle and high school, but I also had some incredible memories, ones that will stick with me for a lifetime. As I walked past this middle school, I was flooded with memories. I was truly reminiscing about my school days and it left me feeling so uplifted. Despite all of the negative memories of my last few years of school, there were a lot of good memories that I carry with me.

I was amazed that the mere sight of this school that I ran into could bring back so much happiness, could bring me back to a place of much simpler times when our whole world revolved around school, unaware of what the real world had in store. The memories started flooding in and there I stood in a moment of bliss.

I started to recall the sound of the bell in-between classes, and how excited we were to hear that bell, especially when school let out for the day. I remembered the days when I used to try to keep up with everyone running the mile on the track, I had to walk half of it most of the time! The lunch tables where I sat, even if I was alone as I adjusted to a new school or was just socially distant. Carrying a larger-than-life backpack filled with books, trapper keepers, a TI-83, spiral notebooks, and Ticonderoga pencils. I found myself thinking of old friends and peers and how much they have influenced my life today.

The memories didn’t stop there, I found myself smiling as I remembered running trying to catch the bus as it drove away without me, dressing up for yearbook pictures, and getting all of my friends to sign my yearbook. The words “have a great summer!” are forever etched in my mind. Last, but not least, my locker was a little piece of comfort, a familiar corner in an unfamiliar place.

I love taking a trip down memory lane, it’s amazing how the sight of something can trigger such fond memories and emotions. Go for a walk today, get out of the house, and the office, take a break mentally and see what journey you find yourself on. Not only will this walk benefit your mind and body, but you never know what is out there waiting for you to discover! One little walk made my entire day filled with happy memories. I love anything nostalgic; I find it so good for the soul.