For Sale

A few weeks ago, I looked outside

There was a large moving truck with nowhere to hide

I watched as you took your belongings out to the truck

You were peaceful neighbors, we were in luck

We shared a smile or two

Our kids played outside together as little kids do

We didn’t know you very well

The thought of you leaving still makes our hearts swell

It’s funny how we got so used to seeing you every day

Of course, we wish that you would stay

We really hope that you like your new place

A for sale sign is what we now must face


It feels silly to actually be upset about my neighbors moving out given that the extent of our conversations was just cordial. Even so, their presence is missed.

They have been next door to us for about three years. We get so used to familiarity and we don’t like when things change unexpectedly. I can only hope that we have another peaceful family that moves in next to us.

It’s still hard to look outside and see the for-sale sign hanging in the yard. I suppose it is because it’s another reminder that nothing in life is permanent. Enjoy every moment, for everything has its time and place.

The things that we see daily today will not always be there. This is a great reminder to practice gratitude and be thankful for everything, even the small things!

Nature’s Magical Playground

There’s one house of many that I grew up in that holds a lot of meaning for me. There are so many memories and fun times that my sister and I shared as young children.

I can remember each of the homes and I enjoyed several things about each of them, but one, in particular, was a magical little house that had “everything” growing in the backyard!

The Details

All that my sister and I had to do was step outside in our backyard and there were so many things to do and so many natural resources that we found plenty of creative ways to have fun!

To the left of our backyard was a willow tree. These trees are known for their very long vine-like leaves. My sister and I used to tie two of the “vines” together with a large knot on each side and turn it into a swing! We would swing back and forth just as we did a normal swing, however, this one felt so magical because we were swinging from a tree! We were amazed that it could hold our body weight. Have any of you ever made a swing from a weeping willow?

Walking a little bit over to the right there was the most random patch of bamboo! We didn’t live in an area that usually had bamboo, so someone who previously owned the home must have planted it. The stalks were incredibly high, they shot straight up towards the sky. My sister and I made a homemade fishing pole once out of one of the bamboo stalks!

Walking a little further down there was an apple and pear tree. The fruits were much smaller and not as juicy or sweet as the kind that you find in the grocery store. The apples and pears were so small, and they did not taste like a typical apple or pear. They were tasty nonetheless! My sister and I experimented with making homemade applesauce and we even tried to make a pear pie!

Nature’s Playground

Fast-forward to today and although I don’t have any of these interesting trees in my backyard now, nature still always has a way to bring magic into my life.

Nature has always been my happy place; it renews me every time I step foot outside.

Not only is nature amazing, beautiful, and relaxing, there are many resources that we can get from nature. It is an endless playground!

Santa Claus and Cinnamon Rolls

The holiday season is getting into gear! The roads are busier, the stores are more crowded, and many people seem jollier than they usually are.

Traditions are being honored as we make our way through this joyous and magical season. Christmas trees are being assembled, gifts are being bought, and family traditions are about to take place in a matter of weeks.

The Mall

When I was little, my mom took my sister and I to the mall every year to see Santa Claus. We sat on his lap a few times to express our Christmas wish list, but we mainly went just to see him and watch him interact with all of the children.

We were always so excited to witness Santa Claus right there in the mall! The jolly man who made our lives happier and left his magic was right there in front of us.

My mom would take us into some stores to see all of the toys and be a part of the holiday hustle and bustle. It was a very exciting experience for us each year. The mall was beautifully decorated with wreaths, a large Christmas tree, and adorned with Christmas lights.

A Special Treat

After our mall tour and our visit with Santa, it was time for our traditional mall treat!

We made our way over to the Cinnabon. My mom ordered three cinnamon rolls, one for each of us and she ordered an iced coffee.

We sat at the table and looked through the glass at the staff making our delicious cinnamon rolls! We watched them roll out the dough, sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar, and then roll it up perfectly into a log. The dough was then cut to make separate rolls and placed in the oven. Watching this was an experience all in itself!

A Delicious Memory 

Smiles were all around as the cinnamon rolls were brought to our table covered in delicious, gooey white frosting. My mom had her iced coffee and she let us take a few sips, we loved it!

This tradition of Santa and cinnamon rolls quickly became one that was carried out every year. As we got older, we stopped this tradition, but the wonderful memories live on.

Every Christmas and holiday season, I think of this tradition with my mom and sister, we still talk about it today. I now have children of my own and I carry this tradition on with them every year. Mom even comes sometimes as well!

Whatever traditions you have, keep them alive. They will fuel happiness for many years to come!

You Are Leaving a Mark

I had just finished having an early dinner the other day and I decided to walk over to the window that overlooks the deck.

I glanced outside and saw a magnificent sunset. The trees were bare, not a leaf in sight as we head towards the last few weeks of fall and into winter.

My eyes stared at the multi-colored sky and honed in on the beautiful orange color. The branches were so open without the leaves and there it was…my eye caught a bird’s nest.

I Looked Deeper

I got lost in thought as I examined this bird’s nest. It was large and nestled safely in the branches. The nest was empty because it is so cold here, and many of the birds have flown south for the winter.

My mind started to wander. At one point in the spring or summer, a bird created a nest to live in and to have its babies in. The nest was built with love and care and served an amazing purpose.

Given that the weather is so cold here and that there are no leaves left on the trees to hide the nest safely, it appeared as though the nest is abandoned.

Flooded with Emotions 

There I was, peering out of the window, staring at this nest that a bird created many months ago. At one point, this nest was thriving with babies and today it lay abandoned as winter approaches.

Even though most of the birds migrate away from this area once the weather gets cold, they leave a trail behind them.

In this case, a beautiful nest was left behind. One that once represented love, safety, and new life. The birds may be gone, but the beauty and meaning live on.

You Matter 

Every act of kindness that you show and every word that you choose to speak or write lives on in some way. Others will not forget your kind words in times of despair. Your writing is and will continue to impact other people who come across it, even many years down the line.

Every day that you live, you are leaving a mark. Beauty lives on and reminds us of where we have been. You may have moved, changed jobs, or left a relationship, but the impact that you made is never lost.

YOU are important and you matter. YOU are making a difference in this world. The days come and go, but the mark that you leave on this Earth will forever remain.

Get Lost in a Picture

It is amazing how looking at pictures that elicit certain memories can bring us so much happiness.

Memories that are tied to our senses and strong emotions are the ones that we remember the most and more vividly than others.

Have you ever played a CD that had music from years ago and it took you back to that point in your life? Have you ever walked inside a Yankee Candle shop and left in perfect bliss after smelling some familiar scents?

Take A Look

Have a glance at these lovely photos that I have picked out, courtesy of Unsplash. I hope that they will make you happy and possibly even leave you reminiscing about a beautiful time in your life.

A warm and delicious pumpkin pie!

Walking in a winter wonderland.

An amazing sunrise that captivates with its colors.

Summer vibes while reminiscing about a pool on a hot summer day!

The peace that a beautiful flower brings.

This delicious chocolaty dessert has me remembering holiday baking!

How Do You Feel?

I hope that these images were able to bring you some happiness today and take you back to happy times and beautiful memories.

Amazingly, what we subject ourselves to can truly impact our moods!