“We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home.”

I came across this beautiful quote by Ram Dass. I was in awe of its beauty and how it can represent several meanings. I love quotes, especially ones with a deep meaning. They often awaken something within me and help me see life in a different light. They offer encouragement and are beautiful words to ponder.

I took this quote two different ways, both equally beautiful. Perhaps, others will see this quote and understand it in a different way than I have. That’s what makes life beautiful, we all are working towards something together and see things in many different ways. It truly makes the world go round.


The first meaning that I thought of when I saw this quote was that “home” represented Heaven, a place that I feel that we go after we leave our physical body. We are all here on Earth discovering our path to life and learning along the way. We are learning lessons, teaching lessons, and sharing a bit of ourselves with the world around us. In return, we are helping others to do the same. In a sense, every step that we take, every decision that we make, and every time that we help others, we are walking them “home.” We are with them in their life path from the beginning to the end.

The second meaning that I got from this quote was that “home” is regarding our “soul” and “heart.” When we talk and share with others, we are learning about them and helping them learn more about themselves. Often, we can learn even more about ourselves as we encounter different people and situations. In a sense, we are walking each other “home” to our true selves. Our home is a place where we tend to feel loved, secure, and safe.


How do you interpret this quote? This quote speaks volumes and I find it very beautiful. 

Pondering life is one of my favorite things. I like to think deeply about why we are here, what our mission is, and how we all relate to each other. I find it amazing that we are all truly miracles. Just being born is a miracle in itself!


There Is a Message in Rainbows

I was looking through the gallery on my phone, specifically the nature pictures. I was taken back to spring, summer, and fall. I even looked over the winter pictures that I have of bare trees and snow-covered ground.

Currently, we are in the dead of winter. I am still holding onto the hope that we will have substantial snow. Usually, by February, we have already had multiple snowstorms, but this year has been warmer than average, and a dusting is all that we have had.

I came across three pictures of rainbows that I wanted to share with you today. I also have realized that rainbows may hold a special meaning when we see one. They have often appeared exactly when I needed to see them. I remember what I was going through when I took each of these pictures, they all have a story!

Photo by author, Blogs by J

It was a crisp fall day a few years ago, I had left work and made my way to the parking lot to get ready to go home. I remember feeling defeated on this day. My job was very challenging, it was in the medical field. I adore anything medical, despite how challenging it can be. I was so happy and surprised to see a rainbow on my way out! To me, this symbolized hope that things would get better. Most jobs have their challenges, I took this as a sign that all would be okay.

Photo by author, Blogs by J

This picture is not very clear unfortunately because I was driving, and this was taken through the windshield at a stoplight. I had recently lost a very close loved one of mine and I was thinking of them and praying about them. I happened to be talking to my departed loved one as I drove. A few months earlier, one of my good friends also lost a very close family member and I believe that this rainbow was a symbol that they were with us. I believe that they were letting us know that they are still with us in Heaven!

Photo by author, Blogs by J

A few years ago, I was faced with a massive decision. This particular decision took me months to ponder. I looked at every angle and every possible outcome. I was in debate for most of those long months, but in my heart, I knew which option I wanted to choose. I happened to have seen this gorgeous rainbow during the months of me contemplating a life-changing decision.


Not only are rainbows stunning to see, but they are also quite rare! I usually see only a few of them each year. I am always amazed by their beautiful colors; they are so magical! The fact that they aren’t a common phenomenon makes them even more special.

Rainbows are believed to be symbols of good luck, hope, and new beginnings. It seems that the rainbows above served as messages when I needed them the most.

The next time that you see a rainbow, try to see if there is any sort of message that it has for you!

Seeing Hearts Everywhere

For the past few weeks, it seems like everywhere I turn there are hearts. I see them in my food, on the ground, in the sky, I notice a few of them a day. The first one that I saw, I thought that it was pretty unique and special and now that I’ve been seeing them everyday, I can’t help but feel that it may be some sort of message.

Others may have a very different opinion on this, but I am huge believer of signs and communication from Heaven and the universe. I do feel that we are a very small part of something eternal and fascinating. When we are open, I believe the ones from Above can communicate with us and send messages. The universe is always looking for ways to contact us and guide us through this crazy life journey.

I’m definitely the kind of person that looks for meaning in a lot of things, so perhaps because I am more open and in tune it happens to me, or perhaps I see it because I am “looking for it” so to speak. Someone else may not even possibly notice the repetitive hearts. I’m not sure what it could all mean, but I’m just enjoying the miraculous little ways that the universe let’s us know we are not alone! Have any of you seen anything repetitive?