Fall Poem

When asked what my favorite season is

I will tell you fall

Although I enjoy the variety

It’s the one that I love most of all

Walking through nature

Breathing the crisp air

Is one of the most freeing feelings

I walk without a care

The beautiful leaves crunch beneath my feet

With every step that I take

A warm drink cupped in my hand

A state of bliss that I can’t shake

The time has come for me to head home

Fall baking is up next

Pumpkin spice and candles make my mind roam

To places that make me happiest


The Yellow School Bus

Over the last week, we have seen the big yellow school bus return to the streets as children everywhere head back to school. As a child, the school bus meant only one thing, it was my way to and from school, but as an adult, this big yellow bus takes on a whole new meaning.

This week I almost feel elated as I see little kids walking to school and school buses everywhere, the world is back to the hustle and bustle after a few months of summer break. The streets are busier, and everyone is getting back into their routines.

I adore this time of year because the start of school means that fall is on the way and that is my absolute favorite season of all! It is such a beautiful time of year with the changing leaves, crisp air, and holiday fun around the corner.

I can’t help but smile when I see the buses roaming the streets picking up children and dropping them back off. The mere sight of one takes me back to my childhood and brings back so many school memories.

I think as human beings, we are thrilled with change and new beginnings bring on great excitement. In a way, the start of the school year and the fall season is like a new beginning. I thrive on seeing “normalcy” return after the quiet and emptiness of summer break.

I love summer, I enjoy vacations and spending time outdoors with loved ones. There is a lot of fun that happens during the summer months, but after it comes to a close, I am thrilled for my favorite season to arrive. Fall is so magical to me and is such a cozy time of year. What season is your favorite and why!? What visuals remind you of your favorite time of year?


Good morning my friends, Happy October! I’m sitting here deep in thought and wondering where time has gone. I remember exactly what I was doing this time last year and I can’t believe that was a whole year ago. Time really does fly and apparently still does even during a pandemic.

Our thoughts are everything and nothing at the same time. What we think is ultimately how we end up feeling and portraying to the world. Our thoughts can make, or break us. They are so powerful, yet it’s because we give them power. If we have a thought and try to look at it logically and to acknowledge the thought, yet not let it consume us, we realize that we are in control, we have the power. Regain control of your mind that likes to run so freely. A thought is just a thought unless we make it something more!

Feeling Cozy

Fall is my absolute favorite season and it’s almost here! I am reminded of the beautiful leaves that change, the cool crisp air, the stillness that takes place before winter hits, the fall festivities and holidays, it’s just a magical time of year just like winter.

This morning was very crisp and I got up and put on some heavy clothing and fuzzy socks and I was in Heaven! There is such comfort found in being wrapped up and cozy, such a feeling of bliss to relax and feel warm. I love to curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea, or coffee. After a long hot summer, the cooler temperatures are always welcome and after the cold of winter we will be longing for the warm summer days again. What is your favorite season and what do you enjoy about it!?