My Everything Box

I have a little box that I have had for many years. It houses the most random things. Inside are a bunch of papers and a few photos that didn’t make it into albums. This box has receipts, pictures, medical information, and copies of bills.

I try to clean this box out every year so that it doesn’t accumulate, however, it’s been almost three years since I have done so. The box was starting to overflow and yesterday, I knew it was time for some spring cleaning.


I pulled out everything in my box and started going through each of the contents one by one. I made three piles. One to shred, one pile for trash, and one pile to put back into my box. As I was going through everything, I ended up coming across a few surprises. I found my learner’s permit when I was first learning how to drive. This was decades ago! I also found an award that I had gotten at my old job. As I kept looking, I found some paperwork for past surgeries and medical tests that I have had, it made me emotional seeing all of these things at once.

I held onto the important and special things, and I put aside any bill stubs, etc. that were a year old for shredding. My heart was feeling heavy. I have a habit of holding onto things that I don’t need. I always think, “what if I need this one day?” I haven’t needed anything yet, it doesn’t mean that I won’t, but the odds are small! This is why I will start to minimalize what I put into my everything box.

All Done!

Once I was finished with the task, I felt so much lighter. The box was 1/3 as full as it was before, and it felt great to get organized and cleaned out. Clutter in our lives affects us mentally. It is great to do a little spring cleaning now and then. This can be true of life itself.

Holding onto things makes us feel safe, but it can also make us feel weighed down. Letting go is hard to do, but it can make room for new things and make us feel free!


The Magic of the Night

I have always feared the night, yet I find it magical at the same time. You will hardly ever catch me walking outside at nighttime, and even driving in my car at night has an eerie feeling to it.

As night falls, there is a noticeable shift in me. During the day, I am always running around doing housework, running errands, and chasing after my young kids. I am constantly hopping from one thing to the next without much time to just be.

The Shift

Nighttime has always been a time for reflection for me. No matter how busy I have been, or what kind of day I have had, I always take a moment to sit in my thoughts and feel whatever emotions I have.

There is something so inviting about the darkness, the pin-drop silence, and the coziness of being inside as the night surrounds us. It is almost as if the night begs me to bask in its ambiance.

 I have always been one to become very emotional at night. I spend time often in a state of reflection and reminiscing about my past. I like to reflect on where I am going in life and how I want to get there. My feelings and emotions become very magnified, sometimes much stronger than I want to feel.

In My Head

It is the night that has me turning inwards, replaying life events, and feeling the overwhelming thoughts in my head. My heart and mind speak back and forth in tandem. It is their time to shine. It is the night that allows me to just be.

Most of the time, the night is a very positive experience for me and the only time that I truly get with myself. Other times, the night is more than I can handle. There is no off switch, the hamster wheel keeps going around and around with no sign of stopping.

I Find Peace

Without any noise and extra stimulus that occurs during the day, the night is mine to spend however I want to. A wave of peace usually rushes over me, and I sit in silence so golden that I can hear myself breathing and I can focus on every breath.

I often write at nighttime. I have a recliner chair with a little table next to it and I sit there wrapped in a blanket in a pitch-black room with only the light of my laptop screen reflecting onto my face. The blanket makes me feel cozy, in fact, you will find me wrapped up in a blanket even on the hottest days of summer.

On my table, I usually have a little plate of snacks to enjoy as I wind down for the day. I put my fingers on the keyboard and let them take me away.

Life’s Balance

As with everything in life, balance is beautiful and what we strive for. The bright days, the dark nights, the sunny weather and the rainy, the chaotic moments and the peaceful ones.

They all blend together in perfect harmony.

It’s Just an Emotion

I have been a very sensitive person ever since I was a young girl. I remember being able to feel others’ emotions so profoundly to the point that it oftentimes would negatively impact me.

In my early teens, I would cry a lot because I wasn’t sure how to regulate all of these emotions. Couple that with being a teenager and having emotions all over the place anyway, and you have yourself a recipe for a pretty challenging phase of life.

My View

I viewed emotions very negatively in my younger years. Pleasant emotions of course were wonderful but feeling any sort of unpleasant emotion was such a great deal to me.

It almost felt that whenever I felt anger, sadness, guilt, or any other unpleasant emotion, it was magnified. I would do anything that I could to prevent myself from feeling pain or anything unpleasant.

I always felt so overwhelmed by my emotions, because not only was I feeling mine, I was absorbing everyone else’s. They call us, Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

Break It Down

An emotion is just that. It’s a feeling and if we give it power, it can consume us.

Emotions are fleeting, it’s important to acknowledge that they are there, but not place constant emphasis on them.

Emotions are a part of life and a part of being human. A lot has been going on in my life lately. I was talking with a friend, and she told me the other day that “feelings are just feelings, and we don’t have to let them play such a large role in our lives.” I started to look at emotions differently.

Suddenly, the extreme power that emotions had over me became more of something that needs management rather than bringing me from 100 to 0. I appreciate this notion that she shared with me greatly. Other people can have a profound impact on our lives!

Yes, emotions are strong, and they are valid, real, and important, but we don’t have to let them consume us. We can let the feeling stay a while and then we can work on ways of processing the emotion.

A Word Within a Word

Take a look at the word emotion. The word motion lies within it. Our feelings bring a great motion in and out of our lives.

They come and they go. Emotions are fleeting. The happy emotions we wish would stick around longer, yet the unhappy ones we are glad to get rid of.

Change is a Constant 

Everything in life changes. Sitting and dwelling on a certain feeling can prolong its stay in our lives.

We can look inside and acknowledge how we feel at a particular moment, realize the impact that something has had on us, and then chose to let it float away. Maybe not far away, but we can try to distance ourselves from it so that it doesn’t consume us and become “a part” of us.

I’m Trying 

Every day, I try not to get stuck. I try to remember my friend’s wise words about letting myself feel the emotion, but not becoming trapped in it.

It’s amazing how much humans can help each other. We all see things very differently and approach life in different ways.

The impact of another’s words is a constant reminder of how powerful they are!

Get Lost in a Picture

It is amazing how looking at pictures that elicit certain memories can bring us so much happiness.

Memories that are tied to our senses and strong emotions are the ones that we remember the most and more vividly than others.

Have you ever played a CD that had music from years ago and it took you back to that point in your life? Have you ever walked inside a Yankee Candle shop and left in perfect bliss after smelling some familiar scents?

Take A Look

Have a glance at these lovely photos that I have picked out, courtesy of Unsplash. I hope that they will make you happy and possibly even leave you reminiscing about a beautiful time in your life.

A warm and delicious pumpkin pie!

Walking in a winter wonderland.

An amazing sunrise that captivates with its colors.

Summer vibes while reminiscing about a pool on a hot summer day!

The peace that a beautiful flower brings.

This delicious chocolaty dessert has me remembering holiday baking!

How Do You Feel?

I hope that these images were able to bring you some happiness today and take you back to happy times and beautiful memories.

Amazingly, what we subject ourselves to can truly impact our moods!

How Are You?

This question is often thrown around in conversation daily. It is used to express care for someone else and for generating conversation and connection.

Most of the time, the question “how are you?” is asked to someone else, but it is also an important question to ask yourself often.


Many people ask others how they are doing out of common courtesy. We may be talking with the cashier at a store, coworkers, friends at school, or even while chatting with a neighbor.

When asking this question, most of the time you will hear people tell you that they are doing “well.” Other times, people will tell you in great detail how they are feeling.

Open Door

I think it’s wonderful when people ask, “how are you?” It shows empathy, caring, and respect for another individual. It shows a desire to connect and a willingness to open up and have a deep conversation.

I enjoy it when others truly tell me how they are feeling when I impose this question. I like to get a glimpse into the lives and minds of others. I enjoy offering my support and being there for other people.

Personal Check-in

We spend a lot of time caring and wondering about other people and how they are doing. Often, we let ourselves slip to the back burner. Our energy and focus go toward others, and we are left depleted with no time and energy for ourselves.

It is important to check in with ourselves as well to get in touch with our feelings and work through anything that is bothering us. I am currently working on this, and I can tell a difference and feel its benefit.

In case no one has asked you today…HOW ARE YOU?