Go For It

Most of us have dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve at some point in our lives. We have this vision of how we would like life to pan out and it probably hasn’t gone exactly as planned. There are deep desires within us, things that we would like in our lives, that would make us feel whole. There is a burning desire to reach our goals and find happiness.

For some of us, our life goal may be the perfect career, marriage, having children, serving our country, going to college, or just making the world a better place to live in. Whatever our goal may be, we find happiness and hope in trying to pursue it. The end result is hopefully eventually fulfilling our dream.

Sometimes life hands us things that we were not prepared for and many of us get busy in our every day lives and put our dreams on hold. Some of us are waiting for that perfect moment to start working towards our dreams…there is no perfect moment! Start now, your life most likely will not play out as you have envisioned, but it will still be beautiful. If you don’t start today, you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Go after what you want in life and don’t stop until you get there!

The Perfect Life

I’m sure for a lot of us, we have had an image or idea of the kind of life plan, or life path that we wanted to take.  For some of us, we have had an idea of the “perfect life” since we were children.  Maybe we dreamed of going to college, getting married, then having children, or maybe our goal was to graduate high school, become an entrepreneur, and explore the world.  Whatever your ideal life had looked like, I am sure that it is somewhat quite different than you had envisioned.

I think with anything in life, we have some sort of idea of how we want, or expect things to play out.  We have this vision of what would happen if we could perfectly lay out the foundation of our own lives.  I know with my own life personally, I had a vision of my “perfect” life and what I had hoped would happen this far.  Overall, I have achieved many things that I wanted, however the way in which I obtained them, or the order in which they occurred in my life was nothing like I ever expected.  Like many, I have had some tremendous hurdles, road blocks, and detours in life.  If someone would have sat me down and told me all that was going to happen in my life, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. Life rarely turns out like we expect it to and I think sometimes we get so set on how life should be that it really catches us off guard when life does not go as planned.


Life takes us down some very unexpected paths.  We have this vision of how we want life to unfold and in reality, our lives are nowhere near this dream or ideal life.  Nothing and no one is perfect.  While it’s excellent to have goals, visions, and plans, we must also be cautious enough to not bank so much on certain things in the event that they do not play out, or do not play out as we expected. We can make plans, but we are not in full control of what happens to us.

I am thankful for the good and the bad in life and although I may not understand why some things happened the way they did, or why certain things have not come into my life, I am blessed for what I do have and excited for what will come in the future.  There is beauty in not knowing, there is beauty in the strength that comes from challenges and struggles.  There is no such thing as a perfect life, but our life is special and has a purpose even if it doesn’t turn out the way we had expected it to, it’s still a very beautiful gift.


Dreams: Where Will Your Mind Take You?

We are at the mercy of our dreams as we slumber. We lay down hoping for a good night’s sleep, but sometimes our minds have other plans for us. There are pleasant dreams and ones that we know as nightmares. As we sleep our bodies are perfectly still, yet our minds wander through journey after journey well beyond our control.

Why do we dream? Some say it’s due to the food that we eat, problems that we haven’t worked out during our waking life, intuitive dreams that give us a glimpse into the future, or simply an overactive mind not able to settle down. Whatever the reason, dreams have always been of interest to me, it just fascinates me that we could be fast asleep yet our minds continue to do what they do best.

I go through periods of dreaming all the time to hardly dreaming at all. For me personally, most of my dreams have been either fear-related, working out a current struggle or worry in my life, or dreams in another fantasy land. I have also had dreams of deceased loved ones that felt so real. Those are truly amazing, you feel as though you are with that person, it’s such an amazing and comforting experience. Then we have those dreams where we are in an unknown location with unknown individuals. How do our minds come up with these!? Our minds are so creative and can think of so many things, even those not humanly possible, and ones that are so off the wall.

This of course is just my opinion, but I feel as though dreams serve as a kind of connection between here in the physical world to that of the spiritual world. In some ways, I believe that dreams are messages to us unveiling parts of our subconscious. They may draw attention to certain areas of life, or play out a scenario over and over until we have worked out the issue…oh those repetitive dreams! Do you have any interesting dreams to share? I would love to hear them!