Who Was That in My Dream?

Dreams have always fascinated me; I have even gone as far as trying to decode my dreams. Amazingly, we can go to sleep and be fully unaware of our surroundings. We then sometimes hit a dreamlike state that ends up feeling like we are awake and going through the motions, yet we are not.

Some people that I know cannot recall any dreams that they have. I think that is very interesting considering I dream very often and most of my dreams I can recall when I wake up. Some dreams seem obvious, we dream about things that we have heard throughout our day or things that are on our minds. Some dreams are completely out of nowhere. There’s one thing about certain dreams that has me thinking.

When we have dreams that have other people in them, their personalities and features are so detailed. We can feel their emotions and it feels like we are right there with them as we dream. Their facial features are very vivid just as if we were talking face to face in our waking life. My biggest question about this is who are these people in our dreams?

How can our minds create an entire human being with vivid features and a personality to boot? Who are these individuals that occupy our minds at night? It amazes me that we can think up an entire person in our dreams. Are these people from our pasts when we were younger? Maybe they are people that we have seen out in public somewhere without being fully conscious of it. Are these newly created beings just figments of our imagination?

As you can see, I am a very deep thinker who is always curious about the world that surrounds me. I thrive on learning, and I love when I learn something new, or when I can research something to learn more. What are your thoughts on these mystery humans? I would love to hear them!

Dreams: Where Will Your Mind Take You?

We are at the mercy of our dreams as we slumber. We lay down hoping for a good night’s sleep, but sometimes our minds have other plans for us. There are pleasant dreams and ones that we know as nightmares. As we sleep our bodies are perfectly still, yet our minds wander through journey after journey well beyond our control.

Why do we dream? Some say it’s due to the food that we eat, problems that we haven’t worked out during our waking life, intuitive dreams that give us a glimpse into the future, or simply an overactive mind not able to settle down. Whatever the reason, dreams have always been of interest to me, it just fascinates me that we could be fast asleep yet our minds continue to do what they do best.

I go through periods of dreaming all the time to hardly dreaming at all. For me personally, most of my dreams have been either fear-related, working out a current struggle or worry in my life, or dreams in another fantasy land. I have also had dreams of deceased loved ones that felt so real. Those are truly amazing, you feel as though you are with that person, it’s such an amazing and comforting experience. Then we have those dreams where we are in an unknown location with unknown individuals. How do our minds come up with these!? Our minds are so creative and can think of so many things, even those not humanly possible, and ones that are so off the wall.

This of course is just my opinion, but I feel as though dreams serve as a kind of connection between here in the physical world to that of the spiritual world. In some ways, I believe that dreams are messages to us unveiling parts of our subconscious. They may draw attention to certain areas of life, or play out a scenario over and over until we have worked out the issue…oh those repetitive dreams! Do you have any interesting dreams to share? I would love to hear them!