Are You in a Season of Waiting?

Some of you may be waiting for love, test results from your doctor, or even your dream job.

There are times in life when we feel like we are constantly waiting for something. For someone to pop into our lives, for something to happen. I am currently in a season of waiting. It is an uncomfortable feeling, but a few things have helped me along the way.

Waiting Patiently

Waiting for things that we want is very difficult. It is human nature to want something and to want it now. Patience truly is a virtue; it is hard to desire something and to have to be patient about it. We are hardwired to want instant gratification.

I am at a season in my life where I am waiting. Many things in my life right now are up in the air and as unsettled as that leaves me feeling, I know that it is a part of life. If we think about it, we are almost always waiting for something or someone.

Life Makes Us Wait

We may be waiting for the bus, our workday to be over, a green light at a traffic stop, we might be waiting for dinner, or our turn in line. Why don’t these types of situations cause anxiety while waiting? In these cases, we know that we will get what we want. There is no anxiety because we don’t have to guess whether or not our wants and needs will be met.

In other larger instances, we don’t know what the outcome will be. Unlike above, we know that the light will eventually turn green, we will eventually get off of work, and we will have dinner at some point. These larger situations in our lives can create a lot of turmoil and anxiety.

We start to wonder; will I find love? Will I get a job? Will my friend and I be able to work out a conflict? Our minds and imaginations go wild, and we start thinking of all possible scenarios. Will our test results come back with good news from the doctor? Am I going to have a future where I am financially secure?

What I Found Helpful

As I sit here and reflect on my season of waiting, here are some things that have helped me get through:

  1. Acknowledging that we will always want and desire something that we cannot have immediately. Even when we do finally obtain what we are looking for, there will always be something else that we will want in the future. Knowing that even when we get the one thing that we need or want now, it doesn’t mean that we will be free from desire in the future. As humans, we are always longing for something.

2. Being distracted is a huge help. Get involved in activities, and hobbies, and socialize when possible. Being with others and keeping your mind busy makes waiting feel a lot shorter than when we sit and dwell on something.

3. Practicing mindfulness can help as well. When we see what we do have in the present moment, it can help us feel fulfilled and grateful instead of focusing on what we lack.

Closing Remarks

Perhaps one of the biggest things that can help is also the simplest and that is holding onto hope. If we haven’t lost hope, we are in pretty good shape! Life can truly change at any moment and what are desiring may just be a day away.

Most of the time, we do eventually get what we desire out of life, even if it’s not exactly what we wanted or the way that we expected it to end up being. When we do finally get our heart’s desire, it will be the most amazing feeling in the world!

Leave What Cannot Be Undone

How many things are you currently worried about that cannot be changed? For many of us, it is quite a few things. We may be dwelling on a decision that we made, or regret some of our past behaviors. As hard as it is to not worry, analyze, and overthink the past, it is so necessary for our well-being and to be able to move forward.

As much as we may wish, our energy both physically and mentally is not infinite. We must take great care to preserve our energy and save it for things in our lives that truly require every bit of energy that we have left.

When we worry about things that happened in the past, we are using our precious energy on something that truly cannot be changed, it cannot be undone. I’m sure that you can count many times that you have said something like “I wish I didn’t leave my job,” or” I wish that I could go back in time and redo a certain relationship.”

Living in the Past

When we live in the past instead of the present, we are robbing ourselves of energy that we could be taking to solve problems and deal with life in the here and now. The past cannot be changed, what is done is done and I know that is very hard to accept sometimes but accepting that fact and also being able to leave what cannot be undone in the past is so important.

We could spend countless hours of our lives thinking we could have, would have, should have and although it can be a stress-reliever to overthink and analyze these thoughts, it serves us no purpose, it does not keep us from moving forward, it does not allow us to make good decisions now that will shape our more desired future.

Often, I find myself thinking of the past, how I would change certain things about it, and how I would have done things differently, yet if I spend all of my energy focusing on what I cannot change, I am wasting precious moments of my life where I can make a difference. As hard as it is, leave the past in the past. It is a part of you, but it does not define you, nor does it deserve any energy from you.

My Best Advice

Worrying about something that you can’t change is very common human behavior, however, it will get you nowhere. When you find yourself slipping into thinking about things that you are not able to change, then acknowledge that you are feeling a certain way and then let it go. Remind yourself that you are focusing on working towards things in your life that you currently have the power to influence.

Whatever you are worrying about today, know that things tend to happen for a reason, things happen for life to fall into place, and things happen for you to grow as a person, whatever you are worrying about today, know that the past is in the past and the present needs your attention. Though difficult, may this be a gentle reminder to put your thoughts, time, and energy into what you can control. Many blessings to you all!

The Feeling of Frustration

Recall a time where you felt defeated, cheated, lost, recall when you felt like giving up, when your all wasn’t enough, recall when you had so many thoughts and emotions that you didn’t know how to let go of. Anger and frustration are perhaps one of the most uncomfortable feelings we can encounter. Anger takes a lot of work to get rid of.

So, what causes anger? Many things do, pent up feelings, being disrespected, feeling cheated, treated unfairly, it’s a difficult emotion to process, but fortunately there are ways to help reduce the feeling. A lot of how we feel has to do with how we approach, or view a certain situation. We’ve heard mind over matter, what we think is critical. If we can try to set aside our anger, we can look at the situation more logically with a clear mind. Anger is a painful emotion to hold onto, we will feel much more at peace if we can remove it from our hearts.

A Winding Path

Life as we know it has many ups and downs. It will take us on many adventures along the way with many roadblocks, detours, and victories. Life is full of many unknowns, some good, some bad, some in-between. One thing for sure, it will keep us on our toes.

There are many beliefs about life, everyone has their own viewpoint. For me, I believe that everyone has been given a certain life path to help them grow and learn while here in the physical world. While I believe there can be deviations to our path, for the most part, I believe that we are destined to go through certain things and that our path is unique to us and designed for us to achieve the optimum growth that we possibly can. Others may disagree, this is just my belief and opinion!

When we were younger, we most likely had a vision of how life would unfold for us, or how we had hoped for it to unfold. Maybe there are some of you who’s lives have turned out exactly how you expected it to, but for a lot of us, I feel like the journey has been quite the opposite of what we expected. I know for me, my journey has been far from what I had anticipated.


We have always been told to try hard not to worry about the future, but to focus on the present instead. The future that we try to plan for now may look very different once we get there. Life and circumstances are ever-changing, we could be worrying about something that will never happen, or that may happen, but in a completely different context.

No one likes to face battles, darkness, or suffering and sadly all of these things are a part of life. The beauty of these hard times is the joy that we receive from overcoming these challenging moments in life, the feeling of growth, strength, and maturation. Life is going to throw a lot of things at us and our strength is what will help us conquer it all.

Each of your lives is very precious and very special. The path that you have been given will for sure be a winding one, but my hope is that you will see the beauty in the path that has been uniquely laid out for you!