An Alternate World

Have you ever felt like you were in a different world? Has your mind taken you to a place where you felt disconnected from yourself? Perhaps feeling like people are little ants in a jar and someone is watching us live. Okay, maybe that went too far, but you might get my point.

I have felt this “world” many times in my life. Dissociation is the term for this phenomenon. It’s when your mind takes over and you’re sort of on autopilot. You’re living, but not truly living as you’re not making connections and taking in the world around you. It’s a “head in the clouds” situation. Dissociation is a type of coping mechanism that we hear about in Psychology.

This Got Me Wondering 

When our minds are floating somewhere else, where are we? When we dream, where is our mind taking us? My brain started thinking and pondering the many possibilities of our minds and this life here on Earth.

Are we capable of visiting other realms while here? How is it that the subconscious mind is just that, if it’s a part of us, why aren’t we consciously aware? There are so many questions and not many answers. The mystery is intriguing!

The Human Brain 

One thing for certain, our brains are capable of so much more than we think they are. We understand how all of the parts of the brain work together to help us retain memories, process emotions, live and breathe, and function as human beings, but there are intricate parts of the brain that are still undiscovered.

The mind and human behavior have always fascinated me. Psychology is one of my absolute favorite subjects!

Head in the Clouds

Our brains are smart enough to float away for a bit to repel environmental stimuli. The brain seems to know that it is in overload and reacts accordingly.

We may not know where the mind is wandering to during the day or as we sleep at night, but it sure is a fascinating subject to ponder. The brain remains active in many ways. The human mind and even body works in ways that we have yet to understand!


A Surprising Supplement That Helps Anxiety

Disclaimer: Please do not take any information in this article as medical advice. I am not a doctor or a licensed professional. Always consult a doctor before starting a new supplement. 

Please read the disclaimer before you read this story. I have dealt with anxiety my entire life. My first memories of feeling anxious and uncomfortable were around three years old. I remember as a child worrying about anything and everything.

Once I entered my pre-teen and teenage years, I become even more anxious and on top of that, I started experiencing severe social anxiety. I could hardly look anyone in the eye and the palms of my hands would sweat from being so nervous. I felt like I never knew what to say or how to carry a conversation.

Once I went through my teenage years and become a young adult, I got over the social anxiety with much exposure to other people. I began to slowly gain enough confidence in myself to function properly in society.

Now, being in my late 30s, I don’t deal with social anxiety anymore, however, I do have anxiety when it comes to relationships and other people getting close to me. Life experiences have made me weary in some ways.

Besides that, anxiety is unfortunately a part of my everyday life. I have severe anxiety. I am constantly worrying and thinking of all that can happen. My thoughts plague me every day, all day long. I hardly get a break from feeling panicky and anxious, it truly disrupted my life in all aspects. I am working hard on maintaining a positive mindset and viewing situations and circumstances in a better light.

My History

I have tried so many medications for anxiety. The great thing is that almost all of them worked beautifully, the downside is that I am allergic to certain ingredients inside every one of them that I have tried. Sometimes the allergic reactions were so bad that I had to go immediately to the emergency room. My doctors felt that it was too much of a risk for me to be on any medications. As I mentioned in another story, my body is highly sensitive to medicine, it doesn’t take much to affect me, I have many allergies to medications as well.

I went through 6 months of therapy and that was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. My therapist helped me see myself and the world around me in a different way. My anxiety was at the lowest it has ever been. It was worth the money and persistence. I even created a binder with all of the papers and exercises that I did so that I could refer back to them once I left therapy.

I did really great after leaving, but then about 6 months after I left therapy, my anxiety started creeping back. After a year, the anxiety that I felt was just like it always had been. I felt defeated. I wasn’t able to maintain this new “freedom” that I had experienced.

A New Hope

A while ago, I reached out to one of my doctors to let them know that I wanted to try something else to relieve my anxiety. My anxious state of mind is usually not this bad, but some life events have happened recently that have left me in a very unsettled state. It was suggested that I try magnesium, not just any magnesium, but specifically magnesium glycinate. I was more than happy to hear that this is a normal and common supplement with minimal side effects. I was open to trying it!

I easily found the supplement at Walmart on a shelf in the vitamin aisle. I started taking it about a month ago every single night and I have noticed a definite improvement! I am so excited about this because I have had no side effects so far and it helps calm my mind. I love even more that it is a supplement.

I am so thankful to my doctor who gave me hope in this area when I felt like I didn’t have much. I continue to take my supplement and I just pray that the effects will stay even when I take it for a longer period. It is not a miracle supplement, I still struggle with anxiety, but it does take the edge off and allows me to function much better each day.

To My Readers

For those of you that suffer from anxiety, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to talk with your doctors about what you are feeling. Usually, even in unique circumstances such as mine, there is a way to help, even if it is not the “normal” way. We all deserve peace of mind!

My College Major Changed Me

I have been out of college for many years now, but I can tell you one thing, the major that I choose has changed my life.

I’d like to say that it has changed me for the better, however, it has also changed me for the worse.


Once I graduated high school, I was not certain which path I wanted to take in terms of a college major. I was always told to just feel each subject out and see which one that I was drawn to, it sounded easy and like great advice and it ended up being just that!

I had many classes that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would say that my top two subjects were Psychology and English. I loved both for different reasons. Given the nature of the job that I wanted to pursue at the time and an extreme interest and passion mine, I chose to major in Psychology. Little did I know, it would change the way that I saw myself and the world around me forever.

My Love

Psychology drew me in because I have always been fascinated with the human mind and finding out why people behave the way that they do. We are all born as blank slates, yet we all develop into very different beings, that is fascinating to me!

As I took many Psychology courses over the years, I learned so much about myself and the world around me. I was able to understand why I had become the person that I was and how the brain works and responds to people and life situations. I was able to understand others better with this newfound knowledge and empathy that came with it.

It was almost as though Psychology was the book of life, it felt as if this subject held all of the answers to the complexity of the human mind and behavior. I was captivated!

The Downside

As with many things in life, there are usually positives and negatives. I adore Psychology and all that it entails, but learning this subject to the extent that I did was detrimental to me in some ways.

Years after I graduated from college, I noticed that my anxiety was much worse than it usually had been. I have dealt with extreme anxiety since I was very little. I began to realize that the way that we are taught this subject and the ways that they have us learning the material truly changed the way that my brain responded to life and even to myself.

In Psychology, we were taught to analyze, analyze, and analyze some more. We were taught to observe very carefully and taught to look at people, situations, and ultimately life in many different ways. Yes, this sounds like a great thing and it is to an extent, but it became a constant in my life.

Taking Over

I found myself analyzing my life, thoughts, and behavior to an extreme. Psychology teaches you that there is a reason behind everything and that includes people’s actions. Therefore, I was always hunting for reasons and the meaning behind everything.

I started seeing life in many different aspects. I started viewing other people very differently, I was so curious as to why and how people behaved the way they did. It seemed as though I was always searching for information to complete my analysis and observations.

I wasn’t comfortable with this new way of viewing life. I understand that these are all necessary and helpful skills to have, especially if one is to become a therapist or social worker for example, however for me, it was overpowering, and I wasn’t able to separate myself from it.


I know several of you talented individuals are in the field of Psychology. For those of you that are therapists, social workers, or even those that majored in Psychology as well, did you ever notice a drastic change in the way that you viewed life and other people after studying Psychology?


This subject was and still is my favorite subject of all time. I truly adore it and there is always so much to learn and gain. There are many times that I wish that my mind wasn’t so “stuck” in Psychology mode, but given this, I still would have chosen to major in this field.

It’s pretty amazing to me that what we expose ourselves to in our life truly does have a tremendous impact on us. Just a little food for thought as you go about your day. Surround yourself with good people and try to live life the best that you can, we are like sponges are we are truly changed by what we experience for better or for worse.

Hardwired to Write

I took one of my children to the doctor a few weeks ago for a routine check-up. My children see several of the doctors there and they are all fantastic.

The one that we were meeting with a few weeks ago is always so pleasant and kind, she is very caring and likes to carry on a conversation to make everyone feel more comfortable.

An Interesting Conversation 

The doctor and I were just making small talk as they checked my child over. I asked her how she’s been doing. She asked me how I was and then she asked me a surprising yet thoughtful question.

The pediatrician stopped the exam for a brief moment and asked me what I do to relax after taking care of my young children all day. It felt awkward because after all, we were here for my child’s visit and not for me, but the fact that she cared enough to ask truly melted my heart.

Everyone is Different 

I proceeded to tell her that my favorite ways to unwind are being out in nature and writing. She looked up at me and said “wow, you like to write!?” I told her that I absolutely love to write and I always have.

The pediatrician was finishing up with the exam and was busy making my little one laugh and making the visit as bearable as possible.

Right before we left, the doctor told me to keep writing and pursuing my passion. She told me how she thinks writing is such a beautiful form of art. I asked her if she enjoys writing as well, to which she replied, “my brain doesn’t work like that!”

It was so interesting to me that our brains all work in different ways. She is so bright and very knowledgeable about the human body. Her brain is wired in such a way that she is capable of being a doctor! I wish that my brain could work in that way, but I am not cut out for it.

I Was Amazed

I have seen several amazing doctors on this platform who are also writers, they have the gift of both abilities!

This very response got me thinking, what creates a writer? Is it our love for expression, our deep way of thinking? Is it an obsession with words and the way that they come together to create a beautiful story?

One could think of many reasons and perhaps it is a combination of things. Some are born to write and others discover their love later on in life.

Part of My Soul

One thing for sure is that writing is an actual part of me. It is a part of my soul, and I would be lost without it.

Maybe it’s safe to say that some people are hardwired to write!

It’s Just an Emotion

I have been a very sensitive person ever since I was a young girl. I remember being able to feel others’ emotions so profoundly to the point that it oftentimes would negatively impact me.

In my early teens, I would cry a lot because I wasn’t sure how to regulate all of these emotions. Couple that with being a teenager and having emotions all over the place anyway, and you have yourself a recipe for a pretty challenging phase of life.

My View

I viewed emotions very negatively in my younger years. Pleasant emotions of course were wonderful but feeling any sort of unpleasant emotion was such a great deal to me.

It almost felt that whenever I felt anger, sadness, guilt, or any other unpleasant emotion, it was magnified. I would do anything that I could to prevent myself from feeling pain or anything unpleasant.

I always felt so overwhelmed by my emotions, because not only was I feeling mine, I was absorbing everyone else’s. They call us, Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

Break It Down

An emotion is just that. It’s a feeling and if we give it power, it can consume us.

Emotions are fleeting, it’s important to acknowledge that they are there, but not place constant emphasis on them.

Emotions are a part of life and a part of being human. A lot has been going on in my life lately. I was talking with a friend, and she told me the other day that “feelings are just feelings, and we don’t have to let them play such a large role in our lives.” I started to look at emotions differently.

Suddenly, the extreme power that emotions had over me became more of something that needs management rather than bringing me from 100 to 0. I appreciate this notion that she shared with me greatly. Other people can have a profound impact on our lives!

Yes, emotions are strong, and they are valid, real, and important, but we don’t have to let them consume us. We can let the feeling stay a while and then we can work on ways of processing the emotion.

A Word Within a Word

Take a look at the word emotion. The word motion lies within it. Our feelings bring a great motion in and out of our lives.

They come and they go. Emotions are fleeting. The happy emotions we wish would stick around longer, yet the unhappy ones we are glad to get rid of.

Change is a Constant 

Everything in life changes. Sitting and dwelling on a certain feeling can prolong its stay in our lives.

We can look inside and acknowledge how we feel at a particular moment, realize the impact that something has had on us, and then chose to let it float away. Maybe not far away, but we can try to distance ourselves from it so that it doesn’t consume us and become “a part” of us.

I’m Trying 

Every day, I try not to get stuck. I try to remember my friend’s wise words about letting myself feel the emotion, but not becoming trapped in it.

It’s amazing how much humans can help each other. We all see things very differently and approach life in different ways.

The impact of another’s words is a constant reminder of how powerful they are!