Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit

Getting into the holiday spirit is very easy for some people and not so easy for others. This year presents a new challenge as we face a pandemic, a situation that we have not encountered in this lifetime. For some, this may mean that we don’t get to see our family for the holidays, for others this may mean that we have to add many precautions just to keep our family safe. The holidays in general can bring about so many emotions because of memories, lost loved ones, changing traditions, the holidays are also a very exciting time of year. If you find it hard to get into the holiday spirit this year, read on for a little nudge into joining in on the holiday cheer.

1) Decorate early! For me, I love to get excited about the holidays, I plan for them and decorate about a month in advance just so that I can sit back and enjoy the beautiful decorations and the calmness and happiness that it brings me. There’s nothing like getting into the holiday spirit than putting up some festive decorations!

2) Watch Holiday Movies – I love to tune into The Hallmark Channel during the holidays to get my fill of some of the best holidays movies around, new and old. I also enjoy watching other movies on TV and putting in some old holiday movies that take me back to my childhood. It is a great way to get lost in the holiday magic!

3) Wear festive clothing – Get out your festive clothes! Decorate your nails, put on your favorite, comfy and cozy holiday PJs, your fuzzy socks, your ugly Christmas sweater, better yet do this while watching some holiday movies!

4) Make holiday foods – Have a favorite dish that always reminds you of the holidays? Make that dish! Bake and cook and really enjoy some good holiday food that takes you back to the holidays you once enjoyed as a kid. Our memories and emotions are strongly tied to things that bring back happy memories in us, even the scent of our favorite food is enough to bring about happiness.

We are living in hard times, go easy on yourself if you do not feel the holiday excitement just yet, or this year, as hard as it may be, try to enjoy what you do have and make the holidays as special as you can!


Hello everyone, this year I have decided to take part in Blogmas! For those of you that may not know what this is, it’s basically a time where bloggers post holiday and/or winter-related posts in the days leading up to Christmas. Some bloggers post once a day for 25 days and some post here and there. Look out for tips and tricks and some fun holiday posts coming your way! I really hope that you enjoy!