A Thing Called Life

Life…a little word with such big meaning and importance. We are all human and on a journey very different, yet in many ways similar to each other. We wake up every day with a goal, responsibilities, working on personal growth, and we all walk this earth with challenges.

There are different walks of life everywhere you turn. There are people who have struggled a lot in life and those that have not known what it’s like, there are those that look at the glass half-full, while others see it half-empty, there are people who will continue to go down the same path and those who work hard every single day to strive to reach their goals.

For me, I have known many challenges in life, but I also am extremely fortunate and blessed. I try to look at my challenges and struggles as ways that are making me stronger and making me a better person. Struggles give you a goal to work towards, they give you motivation to do your best and to want to change. Personally, I see life as a big lesson, something that will help our soul grow, life is the biggest test with an ultimate reward.

No one’s life is truly easy, we all deal with many struggles, it’s a part of being human. We learn every day and we try our best. Although we cannot change our circumstances, mentally we can change so much. We can choose to look at our roadblocks as motivation instead of failure, we can choose to look at our struggles as defining our strengths instead of showcasing our weaknesses, we can choose to see life as the beautiful and precious gift that it is. You are on this earth for a reason, keep shining!



Good morning my friends, Happy October! I’m sitting here deep in thought and wondering where time has gone. I remember exactly what I was doing this time last year and I can’t believe that was a whole year ago. Time really does fly and apparently still does even during a pandemic.

Our thoughts are everything and nothing at the same time. What we think is ultimately how we end up feeling and portraying to the world. Our thoughts can make, or break us. They are so powerful, yet it’s because we give them power. If we have a thought and try to look at it logically and to acknowledge the thought, yet not let it consume us, we realize that we are in control, we have the power. Regain control of your mind that likes to run so freely. A thought is just a thought unless we make it something more!


It’s natural to have expectations in life and with the people that we know and love, especially if life and our loved ones usually treat us a certain way. It’s not an easy thing to do, but over the years I have begun to expect less and it really does take some stress out of life!

It is always good to have hope and to hold onto hope, but to expect things, or people to turn out a certain way can many times lead to disappointment. I have learned over the years to go with the flow and take things as they are. Life will unfold as it should and when we just go along for the ride without expecting too much, it can prevent a lot of heartache. It also doubles the joy when something surprises us, or goes according to plan!

Sometimes we expect too much from other people. We expect them to care for us, to fix us, to show us an abundance of love. Everyone shows love in their own way and we could become hurt if we expect them to act in the way we do, or how we would like them to. If we do things for others without expecting anything in return and if we go about looking at life less rigidly, we can create so much more happiness for ourselves!

Making A Decision

We make decisions every day, some small, some life-changing, some that we don’t even know we are making because they are on the subconscious level. Some decisions in life are easy to make, others prove very difficult.

We all have ways of making decisions, for some of us we sit and think and ponder all options, some of us like to write things down, or make lists such as the famous pro/con list. Some of us just sit back and let fate and life drive us to our destination.

The ironic thing about having to make decisions is that often they are made for us. Life changes, or changes our course or path and we all of a sudden are headed in a different direction. What is meant to be for us always will. When faced with a big decision I personally like to make a plan and let the rest unfold as it should! Have you had to make a big decision lately?

An Inspiring Quote

             Someone recently sent me a quote that read “When asked if my cup is half-full, or half-empty, my only response is that I am thankful to have a cup.” – Sam Lefkowitz.  I am a true lover of quotes and I had never seen this one before.  It really hit me and opened my eyes.

          Many of us have heard the question of “Is your cup half-full, or half-empty?” Basically it means, do you see life and is your mindset more of a positive one (half-full), or is it more of a not-so positive approach (half-empty).  Of course, this doesn’t always hold true, sometimes it’s just a matter of perception.


   Life can definitely get me down, but I like to and I try to approach life with the glass half-full mindset.  When I saw this quote, it made the phrase take on a whole new meaning.  This quote by Sam Lefkowitz took it to a whole different level by saying that he was just happy enough to even have a cup regardless.  As I mentioned before, I look very deeply at life and I ponder a lot of what I think, see, hear, and feel.  This had me thinking and applying this quote to my everyday life and just life in general.

        So many times we hear people say “I hate my job,” “My house is so cluttered,” or “My car has a lot of issues.”  While these things are no doubt stressful and such an annoyance, this quote can help us see our stressors in a different way, on a more positive note.  Positivity is even harder when we are down, or stressed, we tend not to focus on the positive as we deal with issues at hand, but it can really allow us to see our situations in a different light.  That job that we hate? Someone is wishing and praying for one right now.  The messy house that we have? Some people are living on the streets in poverty and would take any form of shelter they could get.  That car that is causing us trouble? There are some people out there that have lost their car, or are not able to afford one.  I say these things to in no way minimize our struggles, stress, and hardships, but rather help us to see our burdens in a different way and to see what a life-changer it can be to truly be grateful for all that we have!