Life is a Beautiful Mess

What an adventure life is! It’s quite a journey with highs and lows and everything in-between. I’m sure that a lot of us have had some sort of envision of how we hoped or expected our lives to turn out. For example, you may have hoped to attend college, but couldn’t, you may have envisioned getting married, then having children, but maybe you’ll be doing that in a different order. Possibly you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that has changed the course of your life or reordered your dreams. Whatever the case may be, I just want to leave you with this message: life is messy.

It is natural to have certain envisions for your life and when they don’t happen, or they happen at a different time than you wished, we can often lose hope. It is in these moments that I try to remind myself that my life is playing out just the way it should and that everything happens for a reason. These are just my beliefs and opinions that I have, they help keep me going. Life doesn’t have to go perfectly or exactly as planned, we are only human and we have minimal control over most things in life. It’s okay for life to take you to places that are not the “norm.” When we realize that life is messy and not meant to be perfect, we can release some control and stress over feeling responsible when things don’t go as we want them to.

I have had many events in my life that definitely brought me down in the beginning. I had to work through the “loss” of particular parts of my life that I had envisioned that either won’t or didn’t occur as planned. After the acceptance process, I was able to look at life from a different point of view. I would look for the positives in a situation and keep those in mind instead of dwelling on the negatives. Even in the darkest times, there is usually a silver lining. Also, realize that there is no perfect life, that life is messy and chaotic, it’s a series of events that help us learn and become stronger.

We often look around at other individuals and we see them laughing or smiling, or we see joyous pictures of people on social media and think that others must have a much better life than us, or that they must be happier than us. When you sit down and talk to others, you will realize that everyone has a battle, we are all dealing with something. When we talk to others, it can help us to realize that we are not so alone, we don’t have to feel so alienated. Whatever you are dealing with at this moment, please don’t give up hope and just know that things have a way of working themselves out in the end.

Your life story has the ability to impact so many. Stay strong and may all of your dreams come true!


Decoding the Anxious Mind – Tips to Relieve Anxiety

Most of us feel some sort of anxiety in our lives during specific life situations like a new job, moving to a new house, having an argument with a loved one, giving a presentation, etc., however there are individuals like myself that struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. This is the more extreme form, not your typical anxiety here and there. In this blog I will be talking about my personal experience with anxiety and also tips and tricks that I have found to be very helpful along the way.

I have dealt with anxiety since I was a young child. Things often worried and scared me without any particular reason. I remember being so tense about things and I couldn’t relax enough to be a wild and free kid like many children are. I of course had a ton of fun in my childhood and have many great memories that I will never forget, by this I mean I was an overly-cautious child and that hasn’t changed much to this day! As I grew into my teen years, my anxiety became more apparent. I was extremely shy, I hardly spoke to anyone. My hands would sweat and I was afraid of what others thought of me. I was so shy and nervous that it prevented me from even knowing what to say to other people, I had a lot of trouble keeping a conversation going with anyone outside of my family. I believe that anxiety and shyness are in most cases part of being a teenager, however my anxiety was extreme and impacted many areas of my life. Now, as an adult I still suffer from anxiety, but I have made a lot of improvements by submerging myself into situations and forcing interactions with others until they became natural. This took years and years for me to be able to do, but now good luck getting me to stop talking!

I am reminded of my anxiety on a daily basis with varying degrees depending on what’s going on in my life. I have experienced those dreaded panic attacks, moments where you literally cannot get your mind from snowballing from one idea or fear to the next, and times where you feel like you are literally going insane and losing control. I have thankfully found ways to manage and lessen my anxiety and I am happy to share them with you! In some cases, the tips below will not suffice, there are cases where individuals should seek a professional to help them develop a deeper understanding of where the root of their anxiety might be coming from. Here is a list of tips that have helped me:

  1. Be out in nature – it’s so peaceful and relaxing and makes you realize that we are a small part of something so much greater
  2. Go for a walk – the physical aspect is very good at calming anxiety, being exposed to nature is an added bonus if you walk outside
  3. Take a hot shower or bath – heat is so soothing and relaxing and so is the sound of water!
  4. Write or journal – express and relieve emotions. I love to write and blog
  5. Have a hobby and a focus – this keeps your mind busy, an idle mind is not a good thing, there’s too much thinking. A hobby gives you focus and hope as well as something to look forward to, it’s a nice distraction
  6. Talk with like-minded people – this can help you realize that you aren’t alone and you aren’t as different as you feel from society. I know a lot of times I literally have anxiety about having anxiety, so just to know that there are others that have similar fears or experiences, makes me not feel so alienated

I truly hope that you have found these useful!

The Inside Scoop: How to Prepare for a Job Interview

First of all, congratulations if you have secured an interview! If you are still looking for a job, it’s definitely out there, keep going, I know it’s not an easy journey. If you already have a job that you are happy with and are reading this, I truly appreciate your support! I have been through several different types of interviews in my life and have come up with some tips on how to prepare for an interview, some of the most common interview questions I’ve been asked, and tips during the actual interview. Here we go!

When you have found out that you have an interview it elicits many emotions: fear, excitement, happiness, nervousness, etc. To ease the not-so-pleasant emotions of interviewing, it can help your anxiety by being prepared and having a general idea of what to expect. As with most things that life has to offer, not every experience is going to be the same. These are tips that I have discovered that have helped me and hopefully you too!

When preparing for your interview, it’s a good idea to come up with a list of questions to ask the company that you are interviewing with, this shows interest and drive. Visit the company’s website to learn more information about them and get a better understanding of what they do, it is a true benefit to have basic knowledge of the company. Pick out your interview outfit! It’s best to dress to impress and it will help boost your self-confidence. When you look your best, it also helps you feel your best.

Before you go to your interview, consider going for walk, meditate, call a family member or friend, even journal to release some emotions.
During the interview try your best to be relaxed. I know that’s difficult! Let your confidence shine! Just be you, remember that the company already likes you, or they wouldn’t have asked you to come in for an interview. During the interviews that I have had, most of the time the individual interviewing was taking notes and not staring directly at me, this took some of the edge off. Since you have made preparations for your interview, you are likely to feel more at ease.

In hopes to help you even further, here are a list of common interview questions that I have been asked:

  1. What are your best qualities?
  2. What areas can you improve on?
  3. Why have you chosen this job?
  4. What skills do you have that you can apply here?
  5. Can you name a time when…? (Situational questions)
  6. If your boss told you to do x, y, and z, but you felt it was wrong, what would you do?
  7. What would your past employers say about you? (If applicable)
  8. What do you know about our company?
  9. How would you describe yourself and what are your future goals?
  10. What would your ideal job be?

Thank you for reading and best of luck to you!!

Dreams: Where Will Your Mind Take You?

We are at the mercy of our dreams as we slumber. We lay down hoping for a good night’s sleep, but sometimes our minds have other plans for us. There are pleasant dreams and ones that we know as nightmares. As we sleep our bodies are perfectly still, yet our minds wander through journey after journey well beyond our control.

Why do we dream? Some say it’s due to the food that we eat, problems that we haven’t worked out during our waking life, intuitive dreams that give us a glimpse into the future, or simply an overactive mind not able to settle down. Whatever the reason, dreams have always been of interest to me, it just fascinates me that we could be fast asleep yet our minds continue to do what they do best.

I go through periods of dreaming all the time to hardly dreaming at all. For me personally, most of my dreams have been either fear-related, working out a current struggle or worry in my life, or dreams in another fantasy land. I have also had dreams of deceased loved ones that felt so real. Those are truly amazing, you feel as though you are with that person, it’s such an amazing and comforting experience. Then we have those dreams where we are in an unknown location with unknown individuals. How do our minds come up with these!? Our minds are so creative and can think of so many things, even those not humanly possible, and ones that are so off the wall.

This of course is just my opinion, but I feel as though dreams serve as a kind of connection between here in the physical world to that of the spiritual world. In some ways, I believe that dreams are messages to us unveiling parts of our subconscious. They may draw attention to certain areas of life, or play out a scenario over and over until we have worked out the issue…oh those repetitive dreams! Do you have any interesting dreams to share? I would love to hear them!

The Magic that Happens Just by Being You

Be yourself…that sounds easy right? After all, we are living everyday as ourselves, or are we? I am sure that a lot of us can think of a time or times in our life where we didn’t stay true to ourselves whether it be due to stigmas in society, peer pressure, fear, whatever it may be, it prevented us from being our authentic self. I believe that for many of us, we don’t realize how often we “stray” from ourselves. For example, we could hold back on saying something in a meeting, limit sharing our thoughts, feelings, and opinions with friends and family, or not sticking up for what we believe in.

It seems as though many of us have this innate fear of being seen as different, being judged, fear of trusting and opening up, fear of failure, not being loved, so many other reasons that prevent us from being our true selves. One factor that I have noticed especially in myself is that once I let go of my fears, the world opens up to me. This of course, is not always easy to do, but when we start to love ourselves, boost ourselves the way we so easily boost others, say what we feel, and ask questions, that’s when the magic happens!

photo of three women lifting there hands

We can learn to be ourselves by analyzing the way that we approach people and situations that happen to us in life. We can pay more attention to our interactions with family, friends, coworkers, others in general. Are we saying what’s on our mind and in our hearts? Are we asking questions when we are worried about something instead of believing that we already know the answer? Do we stick up for what we believe in? Do we push ourselves to do the best that we can in life? We can be conscious of the moments and situations where fear takes over and use them as opportunities to slowly start putting ourselves out there. Overtime, this can become second nature.

As with a lot of aspects of life, we cannot control what others do and say, only how we handle ourselves in these circumstances. There will be people that judge and form opinions about us, but I personally have felt that the freedom that comes from being your true self far outweighs any backlash or fears. When you allow yourself to be open, vulnerable, fearless, you open up so many windows of opportunity in the areas of life and personal growth. I have found that living my authentic self has decreased my worry and anxiety and has let me grow and develop as an individual. Remember, you are amazing and beautiful just as you are…let it shine!!

man standing beside cliff

Diving into the Blogging World!!

Here it is, my first blog ever! I am so excited to be on this journey with you, I have a great passion for writing especially about life. I have a lot of life experience for my age and I have been in a lot of different situations. I would like to think of myself as caring, compassionate, and helpful. I love nature, writing, people, and learning about life. I feel like learning to navigate life is a never-ending ride!

I will be updating my blog several times a week! Expect blogs on life in general, tips, inspiration, positivity, and blogs that I hope each of you can relate to in some way. My goal is to write posts that you feel are helpful, encouraging, and ones that make you feel like you aren’t the only one…we all need that reassurance every now and then! I know that I personally have turned to blogs, articles, and the Internet in general, I have found it to be such a great help for personal growth.

I really encourage you all, if you want of course, to comment on my posts and share your experiences and tips as well. We can all learn from each other. Please feel free to reach out and e-mail me as well, my e-mail is listed on the Contact page. I really hope that you all will enjoy what’s to come, thank you so much for stopping by, I hope that you have enjoyed, and stay tuned…there’s a lot more to come!!!