The Year That I Found the Golden Egg

Growing up, the holidays were always held at my beloved grandparents’ house. All of us would travel to their house for good food and great company. I have so many beautiful memories of celebrating the holidays with them.

Every Easter, my sister and I would wear our Easter dresses to Church mass and then mom and dad would take us to our grandparents’ house for lunch and a celebration. We would start Easter by talking and socializing with each other, then we would gather around the large family table full of food. There were so many of us that we actually had to sit in three different rooms while we were eating. I sure do miss those days.

Each family would bring a dish or dessert to share. I remember rice crispy treats, chocolate egg candies, jelly eggs, pasta salad, ham, greens, deviled eggs, and potato salad to name a few. After lunch, it was time for the Easter egg hunt!

Hunting for Eggs

Before the egg hunt started, my aunt announced that for that particular year, there was going to be a large golden egg filled with extra treats and some money. I remember glowing with the thought of finding the golden egg, but I knew the odds were so small because there were so many of us. We all grabbed a bag and headed outside to see how many eggs we could find and what kind of goodies and surprises were inside. My eye was on the prize, but I carried on knowing most likely it wasn’t going to be me. We found so many eggs that day. Some were so well hidden that it really took a very close look to find them.

I kept walking around the grass and finding eggs. One by one, I put them in my basket and kept walking in hopes to find that special golden egg. I found all of the colors in the rainbow but not the golden egg. I looked behind a little tree and there nestled behind its branches was…the Golden Egg! I remember being so surprised that I had actually found it. The odds were so small, and I just wasn’t thinking that it was going to be me. I remember smiling from ear to ear and being overjoyed that I had found this special little prize! Besides the extra goodies inside, I didn’t think too deeply about finding them, but today as an adult, my reflection on this memory has taught me three things.

  • To win, you have to play. It sounds simple, but had I not even gone out looking for eggs, I wouldn’t have found the special one at all
  •  Even when the odds are against you and you think that there is a slim chance of getting what you desire or seek to find, you can! There is always that hope. It may or may not work out, but at least you tried. One never knows what might happen just by trying
  •  Things happen when we least expect them! I was going about my day collecting multi-colored eggs when BAM! I found the golden one


When the odds are against you in life, don’t give up. Keep going and keep trying. You never know what you might find if you try. Something beautiful and totally unexpected might be just around the corner!


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