I’m Giving Instagram One Last Chance

I joined Instagram a few years ago when I created my first blog on WordPress. I wanted a space to post pretty pictures and connect my writing to them somehow. I love the concept of Instagram. I think it’s wonderful to share pictures and be able to write a caption to go with them. I have always enjoyed Instagram.

When I started Instagram, it was a slow start, but I was just learning the platform and it was good to take it slow. After almost a year, I noticed a lot more engagement and followers. I found a lot of connections within the writing community and many others. It was wonderful! I posted pictures of anything and everything, I especially loved nature photos.


Out of nowhere, my engagement started to dip, and it was hard to find writers and individuals in general that were still active on Instagram. As with anything, social media requires a lot of planning and time. Most of us are limited with time and we are spread thin. Time is gold!

I kept going strong with Instagram for a while and then I decided to stop posting and focus more on my blogging. I have been persistent with my writing, and I have the desire to try Instagram one more time.

A Fresh Start

Last night I archived all of my Instagram pictures. I want to have a fresh start and approach my account a little differently. I want to make it blog-specific instead of random photos and captions. I also want to focus on connecting my posts with Medium.

I haven’t fully thought everything out, but I do know that I want to give Instagram one last chance. I love the excitement of a new beginning. If it doesn’t end up being “worthwhile,” I will still keep my account, but I will stop posting pictures and just put my full focus into writing. I also have other social media accounts for my blog. It can be a lot to juggle multiple platforms, but I think everything is worth a try. Majority of my time goes into writing, but I do try to allocate time for social media. I think finding support and being supportive are very important.

Do you have any suggestions on how to revamp my Instragram feed? I am open to hearing what you have to say! Thank you!


4 thoughts on “I’m Giving Instagram One Last Chance

  1. I miss IG’s old algorithm! I’ve witnessed a lot of creators leave the platform because the engagement is unpredictable. I came across an article that said it’s starting to favour accounts that are very active, but like you said, it’s hard to find the time to always be on social media. I’m glad you’re giving it another chance though!


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