Behind the Blinds

It was really early in the morning; the sun hadn’t come up yet. I got up, got dressed in some warm clothes, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. I always wake up hungry, so I headed downstairs to make some delicious breakfast. I usually have either decaf coffee or tea and some oatmeal with blueberries and kiwi mixed inside.

I started to make my coffee; I like it iced no matter what season it is. The water was boiling on the stove ready for my oatmeal. I washed and cut up the fruit to put in my bowl. I was drinking my coffee and decided to walk over to the blinds in the kitchen to take a peak outside.

It was still fairly dark outside, but the sun was rising. The streets were still, there was no one walking, the cars were parked where they were from the night before, and the world was quiet. No animals could even be seen. The houses that surround us all had their blinds shut as we did. On the horizon, smoke could be seen coming from a chimney and that was a little reminder for me that life is still occurring in all of these houses even when the blinds are shut. The smoke from the chimney was a symbol of someone keeping warm inside on this winter day.

Deep in Thought

Being the deep thinker that I am, I got lost in a brief moment of thought while enjoying my coffee. I thought to myself, “these homes can even represent people.” On the outside, we don’t see half of what takes place on the inside. Our outward appearance may change over time, or if we choose to change it, but overall, we stay pretty similar, though on the inside, we are constantly changing.

Behind the blinds, people are sleeping, eating, talking, and getting ready for work. There are people taking care of their families, watching TV, and maybe reading a good book. Life is happening in each of these homes. I wrote a story back in September called Neighborhood Mysteries, where I talk about the many unknowns in the neighborhood. We see many smiling faces and beautiful houses, but behind each beautiful home are people living their lives like you and I.

Behind our exterior body, just like the blinds that keep us closed off to the world, there is much life. There is so much happening within us even when no one can see. Our bodies are regulating many things to keep us alive. Our hearts are beating, our lungs are breathing, and our bodies are regulating our temperature. Our minds are busy in thought. Growth and change are happening within us.

The Takeaway

Even when we can’t see growth or change, it is happening, even if on a smaller level. There is life happening all around us and within us even when we cannot see it with our own eyes.

You may look out of your window and see a bunch of homes, or a quiet world, but inside there is much more going on than we can imagine.


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