A Coworker’s Comment Changed My Life

We know how powerful words are. They stick with us for many years if not for a lifetime. Good or bad, they often stay etched in our minds.

Sometimes people don’t realize how important their words are to others. They don’t realize the difference that they are making.

An Observation 

When I was in my early twenties, I was very extroverted, unlike today. I wanted to talk with anyone and everyone. I enjoyed learning about others, sharing stories, and helping other people.

I spent much of my day asking others how they were doing, supporting others, offering advice, or lending a hand. To me, it was just because it was in my nature, but a coworker of mine made a comment to me one day that truly changed my life. She said, “I noticed that you always seem to be extending your energy outwards.”

I still remember these words plain as day. I was taken aback by the comment, and I didn’t quite know what she meant, but when I realized that she was right, my world changed.


I have always been the anxious type and to get rid of some of the nervous energy, I sometimes became a chatterbox or would keep “searching” for something or someone that could bring me peace. All of the energy projected outwards was a way to try to discover myself, as I was feeling lost and out of place. I was searching in the wrong area, I needed to turn that energy inward.

I naturally love to care for other people, but I was doing it in a way that never allowed me to get in touch with myself. I tried to find myself in others and I was never found.

I took these words to heart thinking that my coworker was onto something and sure enough, she was.


I was still me; I still had a huge passion for the people in my life, but I learned to balance all of this energy. I made sure to have energy for those that I loved and energy for me.

I started taking great steps to allow myself to feel more stable and centered. I took long walks in nature, did meditation, painted, and did arts and crafts. I enjoyed writing, cooking, photography, and I practiced mindfulness.

I became aware and in tune with myself. I made sure to check in with myself and how I was feeling from time to time. I paid attention to the breath that flowed in and out of my body. Instead of feeling constantly depleted, there was energy for others as well as myself. It was like an awakening, and I owed it all to my coworker.


We hold the power to change our own lives and each other’s lives. Words are so powerful, listening is also powerful, as is being open to receive and incorporate such words.

I still think about these words today. My coworker made my life so much easier by simply noticing and sharing an observation.


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