He Knew

A few years ago, one of my dad’s lifelong friends was undergoing testing for some medical issues. It would later reveal that he had a serious heart issue. He was told that if he didn’t have surgery to correct the problem, he would end up passing away from the condition.

The downside of surgery is that the doctor told him that he only had a 50% chance of living through the procedure. He chose to take the risk knowing that his life would end for certain if he didn’t.

As his surgery date was fast approaching, he made a call to each one of his loved ones. He called his friends and family to let them know that he was about to undergo heart surgery and that the doctor told him that he had a 50% chance of living through it. Of course, his loved ones were more than concerned, my dad included.

Sad News

As heartbreaking as it is to say, my dad received a call from his friend’s loved one that he had passed away during heart surgery. No one really expects these things to happen even given the odds. What my dad would learn later would shock everyone.

After the family and friends had time to grieve and process what happened, it was revealed that my dad’s friend knew that he wasn’t going to make it through the procedure. He had a feeling that his time had come. As sad as this is, I tell you this story because it offers some great peace if you happen to believe in the afterlife as I do.

Even before having many experiences with ghosts and the afterlife, I always had a strong sense of knowing that there is life after death. I have a strong belief in God and in Heaven. I truly feel that there is a very beautiful life that awaits us after this one. A life where there is no pain, hurt, or suffering, there is only happiness and peace like that of a magical fairy tale. This is only my opinion; everyone has their own view on this.


I have written about my many experiences with ghosts and my departed loved ones in my blogs. I have a strong connection with them, and I get signs from them very often. Some of the experiences that I have had cannot truly be explained.

Just like how my dad’s friend knew it was his time, I have heard of several other instances where this is the case. The day that my grandmother passed away, she was telling us the names of the people in our family that had already passed on and that she was going “home” to see them. She indeed sadly passed away later that day.

One of my cousins was a nurse in a hospital and she would tell me how she saw countless patients tell her that there were about to pass on. She was shocked and amazed at how common this phenomenon is. My cousin describes them as being in a state of pure peace before their life here in the physical world ended.


We all have our own beliefs, but I wanted to pass on this information to you in case someone out there is struggling with loss or fears death in some way. No one will know for certain until that time comes, but I have more proof than I will ever need that our life continues eternally in the spiritual world!

It never ceases to amaze me what our minds and bodies are capable of. There is so much unknown about human life and that is so beautiful, comforting, and offers much hope.

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