Bubble Tea

There is a special little treat that is unlike any other that I have ever tried. It has been a tradition with some of my friends and I when we go to the mall, or even when the craving hits!

This special tea is served in many different flavors like milk tea, coconut, taro, matcha, and oolong. Not only is it known for its delicious flavors, but it’s also known for the black chewy tapioca pearls known as “bubbles!” I always get mine iced.

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is also served with many different surprises inside by request, this can include different flavored jellies and different types of tapioca pearls. The flavors and possibilities are endless!


I am a lover of traditions and routines. I almost always get bubble tea when I am at the mall. It has become a tradition when I go with my loved ones too. This delicious treat is one that I always look forward to. It is so unique and something that I truly enjoy. Getting one brings back many memories of summer fun with my friends.

Bubble tea is usually served with a large straw that is big enough to drink the tea and allow the tapioca pearls to pass through. It is a pleasant, chewy surprise after taking a sip of tea. I have bought the pearls and bubble tea mix at the store to make it at home, but it doesn’t take anything like the one that is bought from an actual bubble tea shop or restaurant.

I have been known to get bubble tea as a pick-me-up and as a reward for a stressful day a work. I think it’s wonderful that we have something to look forward to that can get us through the day, or a tough moment. A little treat, a little self-love, goes a long way.

What About You?

Have you ever tried bubble tea before? What sort of treats or traditions do you have when you have had a long day, or just want to enjoy something?

It is amazing how something so small can change a day around and bring a much-needed smile!


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