An Alternate World

Have you ever felt like you were in a different world? Has your mind taken you to a place where you felt disconnected from yourself? Perhaps feeling like people are little ants in a jar and someone is watching us live. Okay, maybe that went too far, but you might get my point.

I have felt this “world” many times in my life. Dissociation is the term for this phenomenon. It’s when your mind takes over and you’re sort of on autopilot. You’re living, but not truly living as you’re not making connections and taking in the world around you. It’s a “head in the clouds” situation. Dissociation is a type of coping mechanism that we hear about in Psychology.

This Got Me Wondering 

When our minds are floating somewhere else, where are we? When we dream, where is our mind taking us? My brain started thinking and pondering the many possibilities of our minds and this life here on Earth.

Are we capable of visiting other realms while here? How is it that the subconscious mind is just that, if it’s a part of us, why aren’t we consciously aware? There are so many questions and not many answers. The mystery is intriguing!

The Human Brain 

One thing for certain, our brains are capable of so much more than we think they are. We understand how all of the parts of the brain work together to help us retain memories, process emotions, live and breathe, and function as human beings, but there are intricate parts of the brain that are still undiscovered.

The mind and human behavior have always fascinated me. Psychology is one of my absolute favorite subjects!

Head in the Clouds

Our brains are smart enough to float away for a bit to repel environmental stimuli. The brain seems to know that it is in overload and reacts accordingly.

We may not know where the mind is wandering to during the day or as we sleep at night, but it sure is a fascinating subject to ponder. The brain remains active in many ways. The human mind and even body works in ways that we have yet to understand!


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