When Valentine’s Day Was Simple

With the holiday of love around the corner, I found myself reminiscing about my favorite Valentine’s Day memories as a child.

I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays growing up. I found myself always looking forward to the next one. I am still that way today as an adult. I find holidays magical, and they are a break away from the norm. Each holiday is a unique way to have fun and they bring back a lot of memories.

Valentine’s Day Prep

I remember plain as day, the teacher giving us a list of names of the students in the classroom. This was for us to be able to write out Valentine’s Day cards to our classmates. I remember being so excited to get the list. I couldn’t wait to go pick out which Valentine’s Day cards I wanted to share with the class. I couldn’t wait to spread love.

In addition to the cards, we were instructed to decorate a shoebox so that it could serve as a little “mailbox” for all of the Valentine’s Day cards that we were going to receive from the class. I had fun decorating mine with stickers and glitter. I couldn’t wait to see all of the characters and fun designs on the cards that I was going to receive.

I remember laying the student list out on the table and going through my Valentine’s Day cards to pick out the best one for each person. I tried to consider each person’s interests when picking out the “perfect” card for them. Just thinking and writing about the school prep for this holiday makes smile.

Fun with Mom

It was always fun getting the cards at the store with mom. We would also do Valentine’s Day baking, we made heart cookies and fudge. I remember wanting to submerge myself into every holiday and make the most of it.

Mom was and still is very giving. She always gave candy and stuffed animals to my sister and I for Valentine’s Day. Today, she showers her grandchildren with little holiday gifts, even us! She always knows how to make the holidays enjoyable and special, and I have followed in her footsteps in doing so for my young children. My dad enjoys seeing his grandchildren having fun, he always says that he can’t wait until they become old enough to go to school, that’s where the fun begins!

As An Adult

Love as children is so small. We love those that took care of us, those that played with us, shared their toys, and those that we could laugh with, and share our lunch with. As an adult, we have a lot of life experiences that shape the way that we love, trust, and form relationships. It’s not as simple as it was back then.

Valentine’s Day is still fun today; however, it does hold a different meaning and is tied to many more emotions than as a carefree child. I enjoy seeing the joy on my children’s faces during the holidays such as this one, that makes me so happy. However, as an adult, Valentine’s Day hits me differently.

Although just another day, as an adult, this holiday can bring about a lot of thought about the past and even the future. We may think of past relationships, and our minds might start thinking about being single if we are, or even how far our relationship or marriage has progressed over time. We might find ourselves thinking and hoping for love in the future, or possibly how life has left us feeling closed off to love and relationships.

The Takeaway

It’s funny how time changes things. As adults, we find ourselves thinking a lot more and maybe we should take a step back and allow our inner child to come out and enjoy life once again! We can let our memories and fun times bring joy to our hearts and clear our minds.

Thinking and worrying rob us of so much. For those of you that see this day as a day of fun, I admire you! For those that start thinking too much like me, I hope that you can find a way to reminisce about when love was a lot simpler and how those little childhood joys have carried on in our hearts!


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