There Is a Message in Rainbows

I was looking through the gallery on my phone, specifically the nature pictures. I was taken back to spring, summer, and fall. I even looked over the winter pictures that I have of bare trees and snow-covered ground.

Currently, we are in the dead of winter. I am still holding onto the hope that we will have substantial snow. Usually, by February, we have already had multiple snowstorms, but this year has been warmer than average, and a dusting is all that we have had.

I came across three pictures of rainbows that I wanted to share with you today. I also have realized that rainbows may hold a special meaning when we see one. They have often appeared exactly when I needed to see them. I remember what I was going through when I took each of these pictures, they all have a story!

Photo by author, Blogs by J

It was a crisp fall day a few years ago, I had left work and made my way to the parking lot to get ready to go home. I remember feeling defeated on this day. My job was very challenging, it was in the medical field. I adore anything medical, despite how challenging it can be. I was so happy and surprised to see a rainbow on my way out! To me, this symbolized hope that things would get better. Most jobs have their challenges, I took this as a sign that all would be okay.

Photo by author, Blogs by J

This picture is not very clear unfortunately because I was driving, and this was taken through the windshield at a stoplight. I had recently lost a very close loved one of mine and I was thinking of them and praying about them. I happened to be talking to my departed loved one as I drove. A few months earlier, one of my good friends also lost a very close family member and I believe that this rainbow was a symbol that they were with us. I believe that they were letting us know that they are still with us in Heaven!

Photo by author, Blogs by J

A few years ago, I was faced with a massive decision. This particular decision took me months to ponder. I looked at every angle and every possible outcome. I was in debate for most of those long months, but in my heart, I knew which option I wanted to choose. I happened to have seen this gorgeous rainbow during the months of me contemplating a life-changing decision.


Not only are rainbows stunning to see, but they are also quite rare! I usually see only a few of them each year. I am always amazed by their beautiful colors; they are so magical! The fact that they aren’t a common phenomenon makes them even more special.

Rainbows are believed to be symbols of good luck, hope, and new beginnings. It seems that the rainbows above served as messages when I needed them the most.

The next time that you see a rainbow, try to see if there is any sort of message that it has for you!


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