A Surprising Supplement That Helps Anxiety

Disclaimer: Please do not take any information in this article as medical advice. I am not a doctor or a licensed professional. Always consult a doctor before starting a new supplement. 

Please read the disclaimer before you read this story. I have dealt with anxiety my entire life. My first memories of feeling anxious and uncomfortable were around three years old. I remember as a child worrying about anything and everything.

Once I entered my pre-teen and teenage years, I become even more anxious and on top of that, I started experiencing severe social anxiety. I could hardly look anyone in the eye and the palms of my hands would sweat from being so nervous. I felt like I never knew what to say or how to carry a conversation.

Once I went through my teenage years and become a young adult, I got over the social anxiety with much exposure to other people. I began to slowly gain enough confidence in myself to function properly in society.

Now, being in my late 30s, I don’t deal with social anxiety anymore, however, I do have anxiety when it comes to relationships and other people getting close to me. Life experiences have made me weary in some ways.

Besides that, anxiety is unfortunately a part of my everyday life. I have severe anxiety. I am constantly worrying and thinking of all that can happen. My thoughts plague me every day, all day long. I hardly get a break from feeling panicky and anxious, it truly disrupted my life in all aspects. I am working hard on maintaining a positive mindset and viewing situations and circumstances in a better light.

My History

I have tried so many medications for anxiety. The great thing is that almost all of them worked beautifully, the downside is that I am allergic to certain ingredients inside every one of them that I have tried. Sometimes the allergic reactions were so bad that I had to go immediately to the emergency room. My doctors felt that it was too much of a risk for me to be on any medications. As I mentioned in another story, my body is highly sensitive to medicine, it doesn’t take much to affect me, I have many allergies to medications as well.

I went through 6 months of therapy and that was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. My therapist helped me see myself and the world around me in a different way. My anxiety was at the lowest it has ever been. It was worth the money and persistence. I even created a binder with all of the papers and exercises that I did so that I could refer back to them once I left therapy.

I did really great after leaving, but then about 6 months after I left therapy, my anxiety started creeping back. After a year, the anxiety that I felt was just like it always had been. I felt defeated. I wasn’t able to maintain this new “freedom” that I had experienced.

A New Hope

A while ago, I reached out to one of my doctors to let them know that I wanted to try something else to relieve my anxiety. My anxious state of mind is usually not this bad, but some life events have happened recently that have left me in a very unsettled state. It was suggested that I try magnesium, not just any magnesium, but specifically magnesium glycinate. I was more than happy to hear that this is a normal and common supplement with minimal side effects. I was open to trying it!

I easily found the supplement at Walmart on a shelf in the vitamin aisle. I started taking it about a month ago every single night and I have noticed a definite improvement! I am so excited about this because I have had no side effects so far and it helps calm my mind. I love even more that it is a supplement.

I am so thankful to my doctor who gave me hope in this area when I felt like I didn’t have much. I continue to take my supplement and I just pray that the effects will stay even when I take it for a longer period. It is not a miracle supplement, I still struggle with anxiety, but it does take the edge off and allows me to function much better each day.

To My Readers

For those of you that suffer from anxiety, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to talk with your doctors about what you are feeling. Usually, even in unique circumstances such as mine, there is a way to help, even if it is not the “normal” way. We all deserve peace of mind!


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