Someone Has to Make the First Move

Think of a game of chess. Two people are sitting together ready to make a move. One player has to make the first move and a chain reaction follows. The players keep taking turns, each action forms a reaction, and the chain goes on.

Just like a game of chess, the people and situations in our lives also live by this rule. Someone has to make the first move. Sure, things just randomly happen in life, but overall, they are the result of actions.

Life Examples

Imagine yourself at a wedding in which you don’t know anyone else, you are just there supporting the two individuals about to get married. You look around at the groups of family and friends and can’t help but feel out of place as you are there solo.

If it weren’t for your love of the two people getting married, you wouldn’t have gone at all. You have two options. You can sit quietly and take it all in, or you can branch out and walk over and say hi to some of the other guests. Either way, there is no right or wrong, but choosing to walk over and talk with others could change your day and possibly your life. 

Imagine if one of the people that you spoke to became your best friend over time, or that they knew someone and introduced you and then you two become lovers.

The Dating World 

It is often up for debate who should make the first move in the dating world. Sometimes meeting someone happens by fate and there was not much initiating, but much of the time, someone had to be bold enough to make the first move.

Picture yourself at a bar, restaurant, gathering, or any other social event. You may find others that pique your interest and that you would love to get to know better. Many times, the two individuals sit admiring each other from across the room, but no one makes a move, and the opportunity is lost. 

It’s natural to be scared and not want to approach others first. If no one chooses to step up first, then there is a great chance that we will be left dreaming, hoping, and imagining what could be. I am also a big believer in fate, however, so I feel that if something is truly meant to be it will happen even if it takes a miracle.


If we are wanting a new job, we could sit back and hope for the right circumstances and job to present themselves to us. We may want to wait until life calms down a bit before pursuing a new career, but truth be told, life never really calms down!

We spend time fixing up our resumes, and we apply for jobs that interest us. We have made the first move. The chain reaction that follows is hopefully being contacted by a prospective employer for an interview, which will then hopefully land us a new job. Your hard work has set off a reaction!

Fear Limits Us

Fear limits many things in our lives. We may avoid certain situations and people because we are afraid of the reactions of others and how the situation will play out. We don’t want to feel rejected or misunderstood and sometimes not taking a chance at all feels like the safest option.

While it may be the safest, there is no room for growth and happiness to expand in our lives. We may end up stuck in the same rut out of fear of change. We should try to be proactive with the things that we want in life. Many times, it is worth the risk!

In life, we must try to take every chance that we get no matter how scared because something really beautiful might be on the other side.


6 thoughts on “Someone Has to Make the First Move

  1. “In life, we must try to take every chance that we get no matter how scared because something really beautiful might be on the other side.” Yes!!! We mustn’t let anxiety and fear stops us from experiencing things that could change our lives for good.

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