For Sale

A few weeks ago, I looked outside

There was a large moving truck with nowhere to hide

I watched as you took your belongings out to the truck

You were peaceful neighbors, we were in luck

We shared a smile or two

Our kids played outside together as little kids do

We didn’t know you very well

The thought of you leaving still makes our hearts swell

It’s funny how we got so used to seeing you every day

Of course, we wish that you would stay

We really hope that you like your new place

A for sale sign is what we now must face


It feels silly to actually be upset about my neighbors moving out given that the extent of our conversations was just cordial. Even so, their presence is missed.

They have been next door to us for about three years. We get so used to familiarity and we don’t like when things change unexpectedly. I can only hope that we have another peaceful family that moves in next to us.

It’s still hard to look outside and see the for-sale sign hanging in the yard. I suppose it is because it’s another reminder that nothing in life is permanent. Enjoy every moment, for everything has its time and place.

The things that we see daily today will not always be there. This is a great reminder to practice gratitude and be thankful for everything, even the small things!


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