An Unexpected Guest at Walmart

I gathered my grocery list yesterday and headed to my local Walmart. I call this store my second home and many people there know me by name. I am there one to two times a week and see the same friendly faces. I am a tad bit obsessed.

Walmart lights me up, maybe it’s the amazing prices or the fact that it has almost everything that one could need.


I pulled into a parking space and headed inside. Cart in hand I proceeded to go through the aisles as I knocked things off of my grocery list one by one.

I could spend hours inside this store, so time always passes very quickly. I had a cart full of items and was lucky enough to get all but one item that I sought to find.

There It Was

I headed to check out and placed all of my groceries and items on the conveyor belt. I watched the lovely cashier lady scan all of my groceries.

Next, the total appeared on the screen. It’s always higher than I hope, but it happens to the best of us! I reached into my purse to get out my wallet.

I found my credit card and as I went to scan my card, I spotted a little ladybug crawling up the cord of the credit card machine! It was to the left of where I was about to insert my card. I was in disbelief for several reasons.

My Thought Process 

My first thought was wondering how in the world a ladybug got into the store and just happened to be right where I was checking out.

Furthermore, we are headed into the dead of winter. It’s so cold here and it’s hard to find any insects at all around this time of year.

This local Walmart has a garden center that is open year-round, so it’s possible that this little ladybug was on a plant or flower that someone was buying and then it fell off at the checkout lane.

In Awe

I sat there in amazement at this little red and black bug crawling up the wire. I told the cashier and she smiled. She was just as shocked as I was. The lady behind me started to chuckle, this little insect brought much wonder to this moment!

An event like this hasn’t even happened to me during the summer months when bugs are rampant and here this precious ladybug was walking strong and found in just the oddest place.

Legend Has It

You might recall that the symbol of the ladybug is good luck! I hope that this unexpected Walmart guest is a sign of some good luck headed my way! I could sure use some, couldn’t we all?

Of course, we could look at this event as a mere coincidence, or we could look at how odd and unnatural this happening is and contribute it to fate or a message from Above.

I will make sure to keep you posted if anything extraordinarily lucky happens to me!


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