Hiding Behind a Screen

To be or not to be…anonymous that is! One of the first decisions that has to be made when creating a blog is to decide whether or not to be anonymous. I thought long and hard about this a few years ago and ultimately decided that I wanted my identity to be unknown, at least at the starting point.

When I first started, I chose my blog name and then a picture of a beautiful sunset and clouds by the water. Inside the clouds, I put a faded picture of my face. I wanted to add a slightly personal touch, but then I realized that it looked a little creepy! The next choice was a cursive “J” in my favorite color, purple.

Back and Forth

I go back and forth almost daily on whether I want to remain anonymous or not. I know that I would not use my real name as I have created this one a long time ago and it’s too late to change it now, there is too much history! I also strongly desire to change my blog name, but that opportunity is out the window. I debate whether I want to replace my purple “J” with a picture of me. There are several reasons that I am on the fence about this, and I don’t see myself coming up with a conclusion any time soon. This decision has been on my mind for months.

Since I tend to write mainly about my life, the experiences that I have had, and the individuals in my life, I feel more comfortable being anonymous. This way, I can write freely about what I want without having to worry that anyone will find out about it. Being anonymous allows me to write on all subjects involving myself and the people in my life without the need to censor. I suppose that I should be doing this regardless as my goal is authenticity, but I am taking baby steps.

The main reason I want to shed this anonymous identity is I feel that it puts distance between you lovely writers and myself. I “know” who most of you are at least picture-wise, however, no one knows who I am. It feels a bit like I am disconnected. I know that it’s the words and character that truly matter, but I think it’s great to “put a face to a name.” It creates a more personal connection.


On the other hand, I think being anonymous leaves a lot of mystery and in some ways that is fun and thrilling. I tried to put myself in other people’s shoes who write here without a “face,” and I feel just as connected to them as I do others. 

I can still get a sense of who someone is just by their words and comments and their face doesn’t interfere with the connection that I build with others. My only hope is that other people feel the same way.

For now, J will continue to be a mystery woman, but I will continue to sleep on this, and possibly in the future I may choose a different route. Stay tuned!


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