My Heart Drops with the Yearly Ball

Ever since I was younger, watching the ball drop every year on New Year’s Eve filled me with so many emotions.

I have always been a sensitive soul. I am an overthinker and I feel too deep for my comfort. I am the kind of girl that takes in all of the energy in a room and is left feeling depleted. I also feel emotions very strongly and New Year’s is no exception.

The Anticipation

I enjoy this holiday as I do all others. I find joy in every holiday and there is always something to celebrate! I find New Year’s to be a time a great reflection and time needed to take a step back and analyze where we are going and where we have been.

When I was younger, you would find me at a house party or nightclub having an absolute blast. With a drink in hand, great music, and great company, it was the greatest way to bring in the new year at the time. Now, that I am older, I still like to celebrate, but no longer in this way.

My outside celebration on this day is almost nonexistent, but on the inside, I am celebrating! I prefer a cozy night in on New Year’s Eve with good food and maybe even a drink now versus the party scene that I left about 10 years ago. No matter how you ring in the new year, the important part is that you do something that makes you happy.

The Ball

Words cannot truly describe the feelings that come over me as the countdown begins before the yearly ball drop. It always fills me with such intense emotion no matter how many times I witness it.

As I watch this beautiful ball descend, I am reminded of all of the things that I did and didn’t do in the previous year. I am thinking of how I have come so far, yet I am not where I want to be. My mind is flooded with the fact that some people will no longer be in my life in the upcoming year, however, there is hope and anticipation in the new souls that may join me along on this journey.

My mind starts becoming flooded with thoughts of who I shared past New Year’s with and some years that I celebrated alone. I recall the places where I have rang in many different new years. Somehow on this night, my mind falls backward and starts replaying all that life brought to me in the year before.

Back to Reality

I eventually come to my senses and my mind shifts ever so slowly to the event that has just taken place. All of a sudden, I have been transported into a different year. This brings much hope and wonder, it brings fear and anticipation. A bit of excitement mixes in as well.

No one will know what this year will have in store for us, but all we can hope is for the best. I wish you all a beautiful year full of love, happiness, and good health.

I wish you everything you want and more in 2023! Happy New Year!


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