Insight From a Cup of Tea

It’s a cold winter morning. The temperatures are below freezing, and I decided to make a nice cup of hot tea.

I looked over the several varieties of tea and settled on a simple yet beautiful flavor of green tea.

Getting Ready

The water started boiling in the teapot. I like my tea piping hot! I placed a bit of honey in my mug with the green tea bag, and then I poured the boiling water inside.

I decided to take a brief moment of mindfulness and watch the tea seep out of the tea bag and into the hot water. The clear water started changing color. I could smell the lovely and mild scent of green tea. I then noticed something.

A Message

As I glanced over my steaming cup of hot tea. I noticed the little square piece of paper and on it was a message. Not just any message, but one that spoke to my heart and my life.

Here is a picture of what it said!

“Life is a game of chance. Never fear rolling the dice.” – Kimberly Geissinger

What a beautiful message this was for me to see this morning! I have really started to try to fully live in the last few years. I am tired of worrying about what others think, I am exhausted trying to “play it safe,” and I no longer want anxiety to be a controlling factor in my decision-making.

Sharing is Caring

I wanted to pass on this beautiful message to you. We all know how quickly life passes us by. We need to try our hardest to make the most of every day.

Whatever your heart desires, whatever your goals are in life…go for them! Don’t let anything stop you until you have reached what you are seeking to find!

Take chances, be carefree, and most of all be YOURSELF. We will never know what life has in store for us but take a chance and see where it takes you!


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