I Bet You Will Laugh!

Times are even more stressful these days and we need as much self-care and positivity as we possibly can.

We have heard that “laugher is the best medicine,” and we have felt the effects.

Here are some YouTube videos that make me laugh time and time again. I hope that they do the same for you!

YouTube Videos

Video by SerSeriTV on YouTube
Video by SuperVidz on YouTube
Video by Utsav Shah on YouTube
Video by Newsflare on YouTube

Did It Work?

I truly hope that these videos brought joy to your day and that they could make you laugh, or at the very least, smile!

Which one of these is your favorite!?


6 thoughts on “I Bet You Will Laugh!

  1. Oh man, J! Thank you. I have seen the panda one. It’s great every time! Dude in the first video is hilarious! I remember laughing with every cell in my being, like that. I’ll be finishing these later when I can turn up the volume. Why is it so flippin’ funny when men become high pitched? The manlier they are, the more adorable it is. One of my sons is a very strong tower climber (one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs according to OSHA). He supervises his crew, crane operators, reads and follows specs, etc. When he’s saying something incredibly funny, all of a sudden – falsetto! I don’t think even I can get that high!! I love it

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