Nature’s Magical Playground

There’s one house of many that I grew up in that holds a lot of meaning for me. There are so many memories and fun times that my sister and I shared as young children.

I can remember each of the homes and I enjoyed several things about each of them, but one, in particular, was a magical little house that had “everything” growing in the backyard!

The Details

All that my sister and I had to do was step outside in our backyard and there were so many things to do and so many natural resources that we found plenty of creative ways to have fun!

To the left of our backyard was a willow tree. These trees are known for their very long vine-like leaves. My sister and I used to tie two of the “vines” together with a large knot on each side and turn it into a swing! We would swing back and forth just as we did a normal swing, however, this one felt so magical because we were swinging from a tree! We were amazed that it could hold our body weight. Have any of you ever made a swing from a weeping willow?

Walking a little bit over to the right there was the most random patch of bamboo! We didn’t live in an area that usually had bamboo, so someone who previously owned the home must have planted it. The stalks were incredibly high, they shot straight up towards the sky. My sister and I made a homemade fishing pole once out of one of the bamboo stalks!

Walking a little further down there was an apple and pear tree. The fruits were much smaller and not as juicy or sweet as the kind that you find in the grocery store. The apples and pears were so small, and they did not taste like a typical apple or pear. They were tasty nonetheless! My sister and I experimented with making homemade applesauce and we even tried to make a pear pie!

Nature’s Playground

Fast-forward to today and although I don’t have any of these interesting trees in my backyard now, nature still always has a way to bring magic into my life.

Nature has always been my happy place; it renews me every time I step foot outside.

Not only is nature amazing, beautiful, and relaxing, there are many resources that we can get from nature. It is an endless playground!


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