A Message in the Shower

Yesterday started out pretty normal. I got up, did my morning routine, and then had breakfast. I was cold, so I decided to take shower. I usually shower in the evening, but this cold weather made it the perfect opportunity.

I find a hot shower so relaxing, and it is a place where I can escape and leave my worries for a little while.


Lately, I seem to be living in the past or the future, so I decided to take this time to be present in this moment. I turned my focus to the shower. The warm water, the steam, the sound of the water hitting the shower floor.

I instantly felt calmer and more centered as I practiced being mindful of the moment that I was in right now.

Time Had Come

The time had come to return back to reality. I grabbed my towel off of the shower door to dry off and my mouth dropped open as I stared at the misty glass.

I stared for what felt like a few minutes as I was in shock. There were the letters “D…A…V…E” all written in a jagged line going down the shower door. The condensation was thick, but these letters to me were plain as day with no mistaking them!

If you remember from a previous camping story, Dave (name has been changed), was my very dear friend of many years whom I shared many life experiences with. He was a wonderful person with a heart of gold. He passed away sadly a few years ago. His loss has been felt deeply.

Dave’s Message to Me

I sat in awe and tears filled my eyes. My gaze followed the letters up and down the shower glass as I stood there in amazement. I was shocked to see the letters of his name. They were all in order, but not in a straight line, then ran almost diagonal.

In the past, he and many of my other departed loved ones have visited me from beyond. I have had a tremendous number of paranormal experiences. I am very fortunate to be in tune with life beyond this one. The signs that I have been given in the past have been incredible. Some are general and some are very specific to the person who passed.

Dave has written his name in the clouds for me before. I believe this is partly why he chose to put the letters of his name there on the shower door. Also, since I receive signs regularly from the departed, I am thinking that he wanted to make sure that I knew it was him specifically.

It Clicked!

I sat and thought about why he chose to visit me at that very moment. I didn’t care, either way, I was just gracious for the unbelievable moment, but when I thought about it, I came up with two very interesting connections.

Dave was huge on practicing mindfulness; he had a way about him that lit up a room. He could turn the darkest days into the light. He had such a great outlook and perspective on life, and he was able to help anyone he met in some way with his sunny demeanor. Dave practiced mindfulness daily and he was a huge believer in going with the flow and letting life unfold the way that it should. I sure do miss him; I am crying as I write this story.

Not only do I believe that he visited me because I chose to take a moment for mindfulness, but it is the month of December and he, unfortunately, passed away a few years ago in December. Fitting these two connections together was just amazing to me.

Take A Closer Look

There are signs all around us, some are obvious and others we may have to dig a bit and search around, but they are there! I believe that the spiritual world is always trying to connect with us on some level.

I have always believed in the paranormal and when I started having experiences when I was a young child and even more now as an adult, my belief is even more solidified.

I find so much peace in the fact that I strongly feel that there is a beautiful life that awaits us beyond this one. The fact that loved ones can reach us here in this realm makes it even more amazing. Look around you and see what sort of signs the world is trying to tell you; it might just leave you in awe!


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