It Won’t Stay Like This

Are you currently in a situation that you can’t wait to get out of? Maybe a place in your life that you are not happy with?

Life can be difficult and when we are faced with many challenges, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We end up so focused on what we are going through, that it seems this is how life is going to be forever.

A Comforting Word

Although no words can truly take away any angst, there are two that are great reminders for me whenever I am in a tough spot:

1. “It’s going to be okay.”

2. “It won’t stay like this forever.”

Why Are These Helpful?

For me, just hearing that things will be okay is helpful. Sure, we know that things may not be, but hearing these words from other people especially, or even myself is comforting.

Hearing that my negative feelings or a difficult situation won’t last forever is probably the most comforting. It shows us that there will be an end to the darkness and that there is hope and change in the future. It helps to know that we are not stuck, and that life is ever-changing.


When we get into the mindset that everything changes and that nothing is permanent, we can help ourselves realize that difficult times don’t last. Everything has a beginning and an end.

Whatever life circumstances surround you today, whatever feelings you are trying to work through. Keep going strong and don’t ever give up hope!


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