How Are You?

This question is often thrown around in conversation daily. It is used to express care for someone else and for generating conversation and connection.

Most of the time, the question “how are you?” is asked to someone else, but it is also an important question to ask yourself often.


Many people ask others how they are doing out of common courtesy. We may be talking with the cashier at a store, coworkers, friends at school, or even while chatting with a neighbor.

When asking this question, most of the time you will hear people tell you that they are doing “well.” Other times, people will tell you in great detail how they are feeling.

Open Door

I think it’s wonderful when people ask, “how are you?” It shows empathy, caring, and respect for another individual. It shows a desire to connect and a willingness to open up and have a deep conversation.

I enjoy it when others truly tell me how they are feeling when I impose this question. I like to get a glimpse into the lives and minds of others. I enjoy offering my support and being there for other people.

Personal Check-in

We spend a lot of time caring and wondering about other people and how they are doing. Often, we let ourselves slip to the back burner. Our energy and focus go toward others, and we are left depleted with no time and energy for ourselves.

It is important to check in with ourselves as well to get in touch with our feelings and work through anything that is bothering us. I am currently working on this, and I can tell a difference and feel its benefit.

In case no one has asked you today…HOW ARE YOU?


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