Another Day, Another Page

Whether we realize it or not, we are all writing a book. We are creating the story of our lives every day that we live.

Our story is unique to us and although we are all human, we also have a journey that is laid out unlike any other.

A New Page

Every day that we wake up is another chance to start anew. We keep adding to our book of life.

Our experiences and lessons are stamped inside of our book as we make our way through the many seasons of life.

Our book goes on, chapter after chapter.


This precious book will have a past, a present, and blank pages to fill in the future. Sometimes we may flip back a few chapters to examine the past, but we should be careful not to linger there.

Every day holds a page in this book of life. Some are connected together to form chapters of significant events that have happened to us.

We may often be tempted to peek ahead at those blank pages that represent our future, however, like our past, we must try to bring ourselves back to our current page.

Your Book

Your life is all yours! Many things in life we have control of, yet many things we do not.

Life is a lot of what we make it. There will be good days, bad days, and days in-between.

We will face struggles and triumphs, roadblocks and detours, and we will have many reasons to celebrate who we are and how far we have come.

Make every day count! You are creating a story that is uniquely yours each day that you live. Maybe down the line your story will inspire others and be one of encouragement and hope!


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