Publish Posts Even if You Don’t Like Them

As a writer, we go through periods where we are very inspired to write and have a lot to say to the world and times when we feel like we are caught looking inwards with not much to say.

There are times when we feel like writing, so much so that it feels like an obsession and a drive, and times when we may take the backseat and want to observe the world around us without writing about it.


I believe that most of the time we are somewhat proud of our work, we like what we have written and feel as though it could be useful for someone. Usually, we are happy when hitting the publish button, but what happens after we create a piece that we aren’t as satisfied with?

I’m sure that most of us have been in this situation before. We may have written something and then debated it a long time before publishing, we may have kept it in our draft folder for days or weeks. Some of our pieces may be left unpublished. 

Thought Process

A lot might go through our heads before hitting the publish button. We may feel like what we have to say is not important enough, not good enough, and we may fear judgment, or worry about coming across as boring.

Truth is, if your work was something that you wrote to begin with, then it is worth sharing! Even if your post helps only one person, that is one precious individual that is impacted by your words. You are also helping yourself by writing! It’s a win-win.

You may even be pleasantly surprised when you unexpectedly receive views and comments on something that you once thought was not worth publishing.

A Little Motivator

Keep going and sharing your work with others. You are here to make a difference and even one person noticing and benefiting is so worth it!

I encourage you to go through your blog post drafts and start getting them out there for people to see. You never know who is needing to see what you have written!


4 thoughts on “Publish Posts Even if You Don’t Like Them

  1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! We have a bunch of draft posts that have been sitting for a while because we don’t have much confidence in them. You have given us the boost we need to go back through them and post a few. Have a happy weekend!

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  2. Great advice! Last year, I created a post but was hesitant to publish it because I thought it wouldn’t be interesting. I ended up posting it and got so much great feedback. It taught me to get out of my own head and just go for it!

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