A Visit to a Haunted Graveyard

A few years ago, right before Halloween, a few friends and I decided to take a drive to an old historic city about an hour away from where we live.

There is so much history in this town, and this particular night we had paid for tickets to have a ghost tour around the city.

The Adventure Began

We all met up for dinner and headed to the town for a fun night. I remember being so excited and not sure what to expect. Having had a lot of paranormal experiences in my life, I knew that I was bound to experience something!

We arrived and were greeted by individuals dressed in a costume that reflected older eras. The feel of this town was the perfect place for a ghost tour with the old houses and sidewalks that seemed never-ending. The night was chilly, and it was dark minus some lampposts and some twinkling stars.

The Tour

There were so many people there that night, we were all split up into groups and assigned a tour guide that would be with us for the remainder of the night as we walked around and discovered what this haunted town had to offer.

We started the tour with an introduction story by the fire as we were given an overview of what our tour would entail and some brief history of the town. The stories of what occurred here gave me the creeps and I was scared yet eager to experience all that I could in this town.

We Walked for Miles

Our haunted adventure was by foot, so we walked for miles as we checked out different historic sites, buildings, and even a graveyard.

I remember walking into a very old house that was said to have a lot of paranormal activity. It dated back over a hundred years ago. Our tour guide gave us information on the history of the home and what had occurred there.

He then told us about the many ghost sightings, footsteps, and ghostly apparitions that have been witnessed by countless people there. Given that I am very sensitive to energy, I can pick up on the presence of spirits, I can feel them just as if another human being was in the room with me.

We proceeded to walk down the dark sidewalks. I felt safe because there was a large group of people with us, but the atmosphere was incredibly eerie and set the tone for this adventure.

Next Up

As we walked further, our guide took us to a candy store that was haunted by a ghost that makes her presence known almost daily. We spent time looking at all of the delicious candies and even bought some! While at the register, the lady was telling me all that she experiences daily with this spirit. I recall her telling me that the spirit makes loud noises, moves things around, and hears footsteps often. I picked up on very strong energy in this building, it made my skin crawl. I’m not sure how this lady was able to work there daily!

Close to the candy store was a graveyard that was said to house many spirits, one of which has been seen peeking through a window and staring into the cemetery. I recall a very unfortunate story that our guide was talking about. Some traumatic events led to the death of some of the people buried at this cemetery.

The energy was palpable, and I don’t think that there was even a minute inside of this graveyard that I didn’t have goosebumps. I started feeling overwhelmed as I picked up on one energy after another. My friends and I decided to take pictures in the cemetery as part of the memories of our fun and scary adventure in this old town…big mistake!

The Proof Was in the Photos

I do not have any doubt in my mind that ghosts exist. I grew up in two haunted homes and I have had many experiences with my departed loved ones that have sent me signs and manipulated items around the room etc. to show us that they are still with us. There is no question in my mind that there is a very beautiful life that awaits us after this one.

The energy was very palpable in this town. I could just feel their presence around me. One of our friends in the group had never experienced anything paranormal, he was very skeptical, and even though he felt off, he was in denial and frightened. He just kept saying that what he felt wasn’t pleasant. He was a believer after this trip.

The photos that we took in the graveyard came out very shocking. There were orbs and streaks of light, there were areas of fog, there were images that looked like faces, and by far the scariest part was that our faces and bodies were severely distorted. It was as if the ghosts were standing right in front of us. I have deleted the photos where our faces were distorted because I found them to be very disturbing.

Question for You

I wanted to share this story with you in light of October, spooky season, and Halloween coming up. It is an experience that I will never forget, not only because it was so fun, but because it was just truly amazing to have even more proof than I already do that there is something that awaits us after this life.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? I would love to hear about any ghost stories that you may have!


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