The Fairy House

My sister and I are very close in age, growing up together was so much fun. We got into anything that we could, we had huge imaginations, and we were just very curious and mischievous.

We had a lot of interests and were always busy with some sort of creative play. We enjoyed video games and electronics also, but creative play was what we loved and what we played almost always. Recently, my sister and I were talking about childhood memories, and we let our minds wander.

We Recalled

Relaxing on the couch one summer, we came across a movie called Fairy Tale: A True Story that came out in 1997. Some of you may have heard of this movie, it was a true tale about the Cottingley Fairies from England.

We were fascinated with anything magical and mystical, so this movie was exactly what we wanted to see. Perhaps the biggest part was that this was based on a true story. Our imaginations went wild.

We sat through the movie and watched as the tale unfolded about a little group of fairies that lived in a garden in the woods in England. I remember it being just absolutely fascinating from start to finish. There is a scene in this movie of two little girls carrying a fairy house across the river. It reminded my sister and I of us. Our love and curiosity for fairies blossomed, we even found ourselves borderline obsessed after watching this amazing movie.

We Had a Great Idea!

My sister and I decided to make our own fairy house. We were beyond excited, we felt on top of the world at the thought of creating a fairy house and seeing if we could attract any fairies inside as the girls did in the movie.

My sister and I hopped onto our computer with a spiral notebook in hand and we started researching information on fairies, we took down any information that we could find. We wanted to know what they liked to eat, where they liked to live, and what attracted them. We were determined to witness a real-life fairy for ourselves.

Creating the House

We were very much into Barbie as young girls, so naturally, we had a lot of little mini pots and pans, food, and house accessories. We even went as far as going outside to collect fallen twigs from the ground and even some greenery, we wanted our fairy home to be as attractive and welcoming as possible. We got our mom’s hot glue craft gun and glued together all of the sticks to form the shape of a house.

Real food and water were the final touches that we added inside of the little house that we made and then we headed outside to put our new creation behind a large oak tree that was in our backyard. The perfect place we thought.

Waiting Patiently

Every day, multiple times a day, my sister and I would step outside and tiptoe over to the tall oak tree to check on our little house and see if there was any evidence of any visitors. The only visitors that we saw were insects. Days passed and then weeks and we started to lose hope that we were going to catch a fairy like the girls in the movie did.

As you might have already guessed, we never had a fairy visit the little home that we made, and then surprisingly years and years later it was revealed that the movie was a hoax, the title claims that the movie was based on a true story, but in fact, it was nothing more than a fabrication. We were very bummed to hear this, but being older at the time of the discovery, we had doubts about the existence of fairies at this point.

It Was Worth the Memory

Hearing this type of news didn’t take away the fun of this memory, it is something that neither my sister nor I will ever forget. The joy that we felt researching fairies and the extreme excitement that we felt making a house for them will live in. The curiosity of something this magical and the passion that we had behind making this house is something that will always remain a cherished childhood memory.

Important Life Reminder

Take time to explore the many interesting and hidden treasures in life. Find something that you are so interested in that you want to dive deep into it and fully submerge yourself, find something that sets your heart and soul on fire and gives you the drive to pursue your interests and dreams.

Summons your inner child who still believes in magic and find a topic that you are so interested in that you feel like you have been transported into another dimension as you learn about it. Let it take you away, let it make you feel lost in a good way, let it make your world filled with awe and wonder!


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