Mercury Retrograde, I Feel Your Presence

Has anyone else noticed a difference in how life seems a little bit more chaotic this last week or so? In this last week, I have had so many odd things happen, things that normally wouldn’t cross my path in my everyday life.

I have always been one to feel the effects of energy. I am a very sensitive soul, an empath, and I feel energy very deeply. I can tell when there a full moon, it’s almost like I can feel it. One possibly lesser-known phenomenon is that of the Mercury retrograde.

What is the Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury has a typical orbiting pattern and three times a year, its orbit position changes. According to Mercury’s view from Earth, it can be seen moving “backward.”

It is said that during this time people tend to feel off and life can have many mishaps. Life during a retrograde period is perceived to be hectic and unsettled with odd events happening often.

What Has Happened to Me?

Over the last week, I have noticed that I am feeling a little more anxious and unsettled, my mind has been racing and although I am an anxious person in general, it has been magnified. I also have been feeling a fluctuation of fatigue and restless energy.

Random things have occurred like lights burning out, issues with the Medium website, getting my finger caught in a door, hurting my back on a railing when I stood up, and forgetting things that I don’t normally forget.

Yesterday, I was getting groceries and I had to have all of my items scanned at check-out not once, not twice, but three times because of an error. I drove home with my groceries in the trunk. Once I parked my car in front of the house, I opened the trunk and one of my bags immediately fell out. I was able to save everything except for the cherry tomatoes that had fallen all over the pavement. These things just don’t tend to happen often!

Of course, we could chalk all of the craziness up to coincidence, but so many things at once do not occur typically. Either way, it has been interesting, to say the least.

My Sister Told Me

I had just gotten home and was talking with my sister when I mentioned how much misfortune happened to me lately and she told me that Mercury was in retrograde, and mishaps tend to occur during this period. I have heard of this before and I know what the Mercury retrograde is, however, I was not aware that we are currently in one. This retrograde will be from September 9th to October 2nd. It makes sense now!

Question for You

Have you been feeling off or restless lately? Have you noticed any odd things happening that typically don’t occur? Have you felt that things feel a bit off? I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced the craziness that supposedly comes with the Mercury retrograde.


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