I Met a Goat Today

Please stick with me, this story is not as random as it sounds. I was reminded of some valuable life lessons today.

I decided to visit a nearby public farm. I have always loved farm life and I admire the strength of farmers who put in hours and hours of hard physical labor in all elements of weather. As a lover of nature, the farm was an even bigger bonus.

I packed my water bottle and some snacks and took a drive to the farm. I was instantly filled with happiness as I saw large green hills, lots of wide-open space, and many farm animals that surrounded me. I couldn’t wait to see what was to be discovered during my visit.

I walked past the pigs, and the sheep, and observed the horses and cows grazing. There was even a nice home created for the ducks, equipped with a little pool of water for them to play in. In front of the ducks and chickens was a very lush environment filled with plants and greenery, it took me a while to see what was inside but hidden near the bushes was a beautiful peacock.

I kept walking and looking around at this gorgeous farm, I took a dirt path that led me to a large grassy area that housed the goats. A little goat came up to me immediately, it was like he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. There were unfortunately signs not to feed the animals, so I wasn’t able to, but what I was able to give this little goat was love. I petted his course hair and just enjoyed looking in awe at this little creature that wouldn’t leave my side.

I was surprised at how friendly this little goat was, especially considering how the other goats did not even approach the wooden fence. I petted his little face and talked to him and then decided to head up the dirt road to explore more of the farm.

To my surprise, the little goat followed me up the dirt road. He walked right beside me as I walked, the only thing that separated us was the wooden fence. I continued walking up the dirt road, the goat and I side by side.

I was truly mesmerized by this behavior; I found it precious and heartwarming. I loved all of the animals there on the farm. Each was unique and special in its way. Even though I enjoyed and loved all of these wonderful creatures, there is one that stood out…you might have guessed it already, it was my little goat friend.

We are keen on remembering things that elicit some sort of emotion in us, whether positive or negative. We are drawn to things that show us love, trust, and happiness. I know that this is a farm animal, but in general, this can be applied to the human population as well.

I have not been able to stop thinking of this little goat! Referring to humans, this shows us the importance of kindness and love. This tiny creature left a lasting impression on me.

As we go through life, we can easily recall the times that we were treated right, that we felt loved, and times when someone cared enough about us to stick by our sides. We will never forget those that trusted us and wanted to be in our presence.

Not only was this a beautiful day at the farm, but this precious little goat reminded me of the importance of pure love and kindness and what a difference it can make to someone. We don’t forget moments like this.

Be the person that welcomes someone, be the person that shows love, kindness, and respects other people. Be the person that stands out from the rest because they have shown others that they are valued.


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