Before the Storm

The sun was shining, and it was a very hot and humid summer day. I decided to take my children outside to play before a huge storm that was expected that afternoon was to arrive. We all went outside to get a little fresh air before needing to come back inside.

As we played outside, the wind grew stronger and stronger, the sky started darkening up and the sun and white fluffy clouds slowly faded out of sight. The trees started swaying and the leaves were flying with great force down the sidewalk.

Usually, when there is any indication that a storm is coming, I take my children inside. My anxiety takes over me that the wind may cause something to fly and hit us, or that lightning may strike. For some reason today, I decided to live a little and see what this storm had in store for us.

The winds picked up to great speeds, and my children and I were running through the neighborhood with no shoes on, feeling as free as a bird. To see the laughs and excitement on my kid’s faces was more than enough to quiet my anxiety. I felt so light at this moment with not a care in the world.

The world grew dark as we were surrounded by storm clouds, high winds, and sprinkles of rain that were slowly turning into large raindrops. I am a huge fan of the rain, I could watch it for hours, I find it so relaxing and therapeutic. With no thunder or lightning present, we continued to run up and down the sidewalk, my kids laughing and squealing with delight, we must have looked like we lost our minds, but what a freeing moment this was.

I highly suggest that you take some time to act like a kid again and take yourself back to a time when life was less complicated and stressful. Run wild and carefree. Allow your inner child to enjoy life and not worry about what anyone thinks of you in the meantime. Free yourself from the restraints of life and see the world through the eyes of a child again!


One thought on “Before the Storm

  1. I just may take your advice. It sounds like fun. Besides that, rain hypes me up – probably because we’ve been living in a drought for the past several years. We did get some this week, though, and unfortunately, I didn’t go play in the puddles. Next time for sure!

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