From Me to You

Growing up, I was one to hold onto objects, some would have called me a hoarder. I wanted to keep everything that I owned because I thought that maybe I would need it one day. That was just the anxiety in me talking, hardly anything that I have saved over the years has been used, a few things, but not many.

I am a big believer in giving back to the community. I thrive on being able to help other people whenever I can. Years ago, I started a tradition that I would declutter at least twice a year, and whatever I didn’t choose to keep at home, I would donate to someone who needed it.

There are lots of feelings involved when donating your items to the community. There is happiness because you know that you are helping someone and there is a sadness that you will no longer have that item in your possession anymore.

Just yesterday I dropped off a piece of furniture that had a lot of meaning to me, however, it was something that we no longer needed nor had room for. I drove into the parking lot and took the item out of my trunk; I placed it in the donation lot and drove away with tears in my eyes.

It is amazing how we can become so attached to an object that its existence can remind us of so many dear memories. As I drove away, I kept thinking at least I have pictures and I thought a little further and realized that even though the object is gone, the memories I have will never leave. It is interesting how we can become so attached to things that are not living. Anything that elicits an emotional response will most likely be something that we form a connection.

I keep trying to remind myself of the good that I am doing and how someone else will be able to benefit from my donation. It is a great feeling to declutter, organize, and clean up, it’s nice having more space, and it feels amazing to be able to help someone in need and that is what I stay focused on!

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